Aventer Gray – Faith & Favor

Aventer Gray is to Pastor John Gray as Michelle Obama is to former President Barack Obama. She is the depiction of the Proverbs 31 woman and defines what it means to be a wife and mother for her family in a way that inspires other women.

-Meet Aventer-

Aventer hails from the southern city of Dothan, Alabama, where she graduated from Northview High School, with honors. During her childhood, she participated in various competitions from oratorical to pageantry. She attended the illustrious Historical Black College/University (HBCU) Florida A&M University (FAMU) and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Cardiopulmonary Science, and earned her Master’s degree in Health Service Administration from Strayer University.

Aventer has always had a passion for the performing arts. She started dancing in her hometown at the age of three at the Dothan School of Dance under the direction of Tracy Solomon. It was there that she gained her foundation in ballet, jazz, modern, pointe, acro and African dance. At the age of 13 she obtained a teaching apprenticeship at the Dothan School of Dance. During her teen years, she joined the Southeast Alabama Dance Company and Performance Team and preformed with the company for five years. Throughout her time with the dance company she received various awards from the New York City Dance Alliance and Dance Masters of America, Chapter #33. Her love for God was evident as it poured over and ignited her passion for dance. This kindling inspired her to begin her first dance ministry at the age of 14. Since then, she has led several ministries from high school through college. Her unrelenting desire is to bring glory to God through intermingling the technical aspects of dance with the spirit filled manifestation of the Word of God.

When she is not busy hosting many conferences, master classes, and ministry guidance classes around the country; through The Reign Dance Company in Houston, Texas, where she is the founder and director; she is working on curriculum and programs designed to be used as tools for other dance ministries. The company is comprised of people Aventer has met during her life as she has been involved in dance, and that have the same desire to share biblical principles and give meaningful training in dance.

-The Faith Stretch-

Aventer has had her share of faith stretching moments in her life prior to getting married. They began while she was attending FAMU as a freshman. First, her mother was diagnosed with three aneurysms and given a terminal prediction in 2001. It was during that time that Aventer began to mature in her relationship with God by relying on what she had been taught in church, in conjunction with fasting and praying. God performed a miracle through medical care and Aventer’s mother is still alive today. However, this was not the only difficult moment she experienced. During her sophomore year in college, Aventer needed to have an emergency appendectomy procedure. Although this was an obstacle, it did not stop her from keeping up with her course work. The trials continued as she learned that her brother was diagnosed with lung cancer, although he never smoked a day in his life. She was concerned about her brother’s health and traveled back and forth from school to home to check on him and be with her family. She learned on February 10th of her senior year of 2005 in college that her grandmother had passed and two days later, on February 12th her brother as well. Determined to finish school, she persevered and completed her classes. While those hardships are not standard for everyone, Aventer believed her mountains played a major role in the woman she is today. She stood firm that God knew her future and what she would go through to develop her character, not only for herself, but for the qualities that her husband, children and friends would draw to and from as well. She stated, “As a believer, you’re going to be faced with things that will test and try you to see how strong you are and how weighted in the Word you are. With each issue, it makes you go to God even more.”

-Family & Favor-

Some may know of Aventer through the talk show “The Preachers” during the summer of 2016 when the ministers brought their spouses/significant others on for the last episode. Her and her husband John Gray III have been married for 6 years and have two beautiful children, John Gray IV and Theory Aspyn-Sky who are affectionately known as Four and Tutu. The Grays have experienced a whirlwind of opportunities within the last few years. However, they understand the importance of putting in the work and time, yet waiting on God to give direction for their destiny. She commented that, “Anything worth having is worth working for, no matter how long it takes. When you try to shorten or rush the process, there are things that may be necessary for your development that can be lost. There must be trust in God that he is in control and will lead you in the right path. God’s timing is best”.

John Gray IV, Aventer Gray, John Gray and Theory Gray as seen on Book of John.

If you follow Aventer on social media you have had the honor of seeing glimpses of their life, whether it was seeing announcements for Pastor Gray to speak at Lakewood Church or other churches, family moments, or holiday happenings. She speaks highly of her husband and appreciates no matter where she has traveled with him, Pastor Gray is the same regardless of where they go. God uses him in a unique way to reach people and minister to them. She expresses her love for her husband and children on social media from time to time. As like any mama bear, Aventer is very protective of her family as well. Negative comments of her family and dedication to God, will be addressed eloquently, yet unyielding to inform you otherwise, and rightfully so. When asked if sharing their lives on social media has affected the family in a negative way, Aventer responded she believes in sharing with transparency allows the world to see they are not exempt from struggles. “We don’t promote perfection, we promote our love for God and our faith and our hope in him through social media,” said Aventer.

One might say it’s due to the transparency of Pastor Gray and Aventer that they have been blessed with opportunities to minister around the world. Nearly one year ago, Aventer re-posted a photo on Instagram of herself, her husband and the beautiful Oprah Winfrey. The caption mentioned that after filming for the Super Soul Sunday television series the couple shared a conversation with Oprah and the discussion led to a dream coming true for Pastor Gray. By August of 2016 there was an announcement shared on Instagram to submit an email of interest if someone wanted Pastor John Gray to be a mentor and encourager to them and their family. God blessed them with a new platform to be a blessing.

The Gray family was favored to film a docu-series that will be airing on OWN Network April 15th at 10 pm est/9 pm cst. The series is titled “The Book of John Gray.” The series will feature Pastor Gray as he mentors various individuals to overcome difficult moments of their lives. It will also share moments of the Gray family life and how they go through their own situations. You can enjoy the premiere episode now with access through the OWN Network application or through the website link. Be sure to check your local station listings and watch this new series. To keep up with Aventer and the Gray family until then you can follow her on Instagram at grayceeme.

Aleka Thrash: Planting, Pursuing, Prospering

Meet Aleka Thrash. She is an entrepreneur based in the state of Michigan. She is a natural hair blogger (NaturallyACT) as well as a photographer (ACT Photomedia).

Aleka began her journey as a natural hair blogger when she came up with the idea of doing something with her love for natural hair. She didn’t know what direction to take. She sought a confidence coach, Veverly Austin, of Confident Living. The coach asked Aleka “What problem are you going to solve?” That question sparked something within Aleka. She learned that she needed to think about what would set her apart from other hair bloggers.

Aleka admitted that at times she can be a self-doubter and had to develop confidence in herself that she had something to offer. For example, when it came to having topics for her blog she learned to pay attention to the questions she received from people about her hair. From there, she realized that there was more to hair than what you put on it and do to it, but healthy hair also included what you put inside of your body. She began to focus on those things and work to be consistent with posting her blogs. Around the same time, Aleka’s confidence coach challenged her by discussing her ability to instruct a class/workshop. Aleka accepted the opportunity and recalls having 15 people attend her first class. This helped her feel confident to move forward with other endeavors involving her love for hair.

Aleka began reaching out to various hair product companies to partner with her for her giveaways and for her reviews of their products. She sent 150 emails and only received four responses of “yes.” She did not see that as a moment to be discouraged, instead she reached out to the companies again to find out why their responses were “no.” Aleka believed it was a learning opportunity to discover what areas she could improve in so the future response would be “yes.”

When it comes to her endeavors for photography, Aleka’s dream was to become a photographer for a publication to capture images for an article or story. However, she finds herself on the other end of the lens. She works as a photographer but has experienced being featured in publications for her various roles as an entrepreneur and has recently been honored to receive a local community award for her business of photography. While things aren’t panning out the way Aleka hoped, she has learned to “trust God when the plan shifts.”

Aleka is finally in her groove of reaping her harvest in her business endeavors. She has gone from having her first class/workshop to being asked for one-on-one hair tutorials. She has experienced the favor of God with her friends, mentors, and her businesses. Because of the success, she asks God for those that she can help pursue their goals/dreams and share her experiences with them so they can flourish too.

Aleka could have convinced herself that photography and blogging was something enough people were doing and given up on the idea of pursuing either area. She did not! Aleka pursued and turned adverse moments into learning opportunities. Don’t give up on your dreams/interest. Think outside the box and discover a way to reach people with your passion.

Homegrown – 8 Herbs to Grow Indoors

As we approach the spring and summer months, it is a good time to grow herbs in your home that you can use all year round. You don’t need special lights to grow herbs because certain herbs grow with natural light that comes in through windows.

Which herbs can you grow indoors?

• Basil
• Bay Leaves
• Chives
• Oregano
• Parsley
• Sage
• Tarragon
• Thyme

Basil likes a lot of sun and warmth. Plant the basil seed in a pot that is sitting in a south facing window. Basil needs at least six hours of sunlight; but will also grow under fluorescent light. If fluorescent light is used, be sure to have plant under light at least 10 hours to grow healthy. When growing basil indoors, you will need to use fertilizer. If you will be cooking with the basil, use organic fertilizer. Make sure you only use half the recommended strength.

Bay leaves grow great in a pot but needs room from air circulation to be healthy. Make sure roots don’t get crowded in the pot. The pot you use, should have drainage holes and soils that drain well. Allow the soil to dry out, a little, before watering. Bay leaves grow slow, so you may want to invest in a large plant. Bay leaves are pricey.

Chives like a lot of sun. Place the pot in a south facing window. Chives need at least six hours of sunlight. Plant your chives in a well-drained soil and add a little organic fertilizer. Water chives frequently because they grow best in moist soil. Make sure there is proper soil drainage. When planting chives in a pot, make sure the bulbs are 6 inches apart (if you are going to grow more than one in a pot).

Oregano grows best when the temperature inside is 65-70 F during the day and 55-60 F in the evening. As with the other herbs, make sure there is excellent drainage. Oregano needs six to eight hours of sunlight. Place the oregano pot in a south facing window. The soil should be dry between watering. Fertilize oregano every two weeks with diluted water-soluble food.

Parsley grows well in six to eight hours of sunlight. Place the parley pot in a south facing window. Turn the pot every three to four days so the plant doesn’t lean into the sunlight. Make sure the pot has several drainage holes and a saucer underneath to catch the water as it drains. Use a good quality potting soil. Sand can also be used to help improve the drainage. When planting parsley, sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil and over them with an additional ¼ inch of soil. Water the pot regularly to keep the soil moist, but don’t ever water the parsley. Feed parsley every two weeks using half-strength liquid fertilizer.

Sage needs six to eight hours of sun late. Place the sage pot in a south facing window. You can use fluorescent lighting if your window doesn’t provide six to eight hours of sunlight. Sage needs to be kept in a warm area, away from drafts, in temperatures around 70 F and needs humidity. Place a humidifier near the pot, and water as needed. Let the top inch of the soil dry out between watering.

Tarragon will need at least 24 inches of height to grow inside. Don’t place the tarragon in a south facing window. Tarragon will need six to eight hours of light. A south facing window provides too much sunlight on the leaves. When planting tarragon, use a clay pot that isn’t glazed. A non-glazed pot will allow excess moister to evaporate. The clay post should have several drainage holes and at least 12 to 16 inches deep. Tarragon shouldn’t be over watered. Allow tarragon to dry out between watering. Provide humidity to the leaves by spraying them every couple of days.

Thyme grows well in a mix of sand, potting soil, and peat moss. Grow thyme in a clay pot. A clay pot allows the thyme to dry out between watering and prevents the roots from becoming overly wet. There should be at least one large drainage hole. Thyme needs 6 hours of sunlight; place the pot in a south facing window. The temperature inside should be around 60 F during the day to grow thyme.

Fresh herbs have a softer flavor than dried ones; you will need to use twice as much as you would with dried herbs.

Sheridan Davis on New Release “I’m Nobody’s Ruth”

Sheridan Davis is not a stranger to the scene in her role as an author. Ms. Davis is a 25-year-old young woman from the city of Chicago. She is a “preacher’s kid.” Her mother is recording artist, Pastor Trina Davis and her father is Apostle, Prophet Joseph E. Davis (Word for the World Ministries International). Ms. Davis has answered the call to ministry herself and has taken on the roles of actress, director and author. She purposes to “present God in a way where he seems tangible and not like some myth.” She believes it is possible to live a life pleasing to God and that life be enjoyable.

Ms. Davis has two book releases under her belt with her first book “Saved Sex,” which is a guide to sexual purity and her second release is her memoir, “Pretty for A Dark Skin Girl.” Her journey in life has inspired share her dating experiences and lessons gained in regards to preparation for marriage in her upcoming release “I’m Nobody’s Ruth.”
When asked about the inspiration behind the title of the book Ms. Davis explained that some single women pray for God to send them Boaz but are not asking God to make them Ruth. While studying the book of Ruth Ms. Davis discovered various attributes about Ruth that she wanted God to develop within her. She learned not only to pray for her future spouse but to pray for herself as well.

To some, Ms. Davis would be the ideal candidate for marriage because she is a virgin, a minister, has cooking skills and loves family. But, she has learned from experiences that there are still areas she can grow in before marrying someone.

As the author, her prayer is that readers will self-reflect and see that even though marriage is between two people who become one that everyone should take time for themselves and have a desire for God to make them a whole person before they enter marriage.

The book is a great selection to add to your reading list for this year whether you are single or married. There are even discussion questions and space to take notes for those who may use the book for a church group or book club. Be sure to pre-order your copy today of “I’m Nobody’s Ruth,” set to release on April 22, 2017. You can follow Sheridan Davis on Instagram at _sheridotcom.

A Pastor’s Inspiration – Pastor Melissa McKinnies –

It was at the young age of 15 that I discovered my life verse in the Bible. It is found in Psalm 37:4. It reads, in KJV, “Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”

That verse kept me in the darkest of hours, in the strongest of storms and during the loneliest times of my life. It was an anchor for me; a refuge. It was my source of hope. When I was tempted to question the seasons or the timing of things in my life, I would revisit this verse. I would write it out in my journal day after day and recite it over and over like a mantra. It kept me grounded and rooted, and man do we need those kinds of things during the teenage years! High five that neighbor beside you in Panera as you’re reading this article! They’ll get it! But I digress.

We have all been there. That time in your life when the dream looks hopeless, the degree out of reach, or the relationship you’ve been hoping for is non-existent! Maybe you’re there now. The hour seems the darkest, the storm is the worst yet or maybe you have never been this lonely. Not only do you feel alone, you are downright lonely.

Can I just breathe some hope into you today? Your dreams are not hopeless, that degree is not out of reach and there is somebody out there designed just for you! Maybe I haven’t described your situation exactly, but know this, you can do this! You were made for this! You were made for more! The dreams and plans inside of your heart and mind were meant to be lived out by YOU! Don’t get discouraged! Keep watering the dream, feeding the dream and work hard at keeping the dream alive! You can do this! I believe in you! Keep on keepin’ on!

You can learn more about Pastor McKinnies and Southern Illinois Worship Center at www.siwcenter.org.

Shanta Atkins: from the Background to the Forefront

Shanta Atkins began singing at the tender age of eight and hasn’t stopped since. She is coming on the scene as a solo artist in the gospel genre. In 2015 she released her self-written single, “I Will Follow” on SoundCloud. Not too long after that the song became available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google play.

Shanta received experience by singing background for album recordings as well as touring during her down time from school beginning at the age of 14. She has sung with Jason Champion, Yolanda Adams and of course her older sisters, Mary Mary. Shanta admits that she originally began doing background vocals to make extra money but later realized how much she enjoyed singing.

When asked if she learned anything from her time as a background singer that has helped her now as a solo artist Shanta shared that ultimately, she wants to represent the one she sings about, God. She believes there is a level of integrity and other characteristics that should be exemplified in her actions. She also keeps in mind the example that her older siblings (Erica and Tina Campbell) have set for her in regards to how to handle certain situations, having a strong work ethic and more.

If you are wondering what’s next for Shanta, wonder no longer. She did reveal that she will have an EP released this summer. The producers for this project are Gregory Edwards (who produced her single “I Will Follow”), Michael “Baby Boy Music” Henry, and Warryn Campbell.

Shanta uses the platform that she has as a singer to bring awareness to issues that are important to her. Not only is her EP in the works, but you should be on the lookout for a song from Shanta titled “Internal Bleeder”. This song raises awareness about the realities of those who silently battle depression, anxiety, and suicide. She is passionate about these topics and desires for there to be more dialogue regarding these issues in the church and outside of the church.

Singing as a solo artist was not something that Shanta always set out to do, but it is something that God showed her he had for her. Yes, she has been blessed to sing on many stages but she also frequently sings in convalescent homes, runs music programs at group homes for young girls, and sings on foreign mission trips to orphanages across the world. From her willingness to use the gift that God has given to her she found the door God had for her as a solo artist. Her advice to you, our readers, is to seek God for direction on what you should be doing in life. The backwards way of life is to come up with a plan and ask God to help you but Shanta believes that if you seek God he will give you the plan no matter how small or great the task.

If you want to see her live you can catch Shanta during the 2017 Stellar Award Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 24th at the We Got Next event along with Livre`, Jai and K. Ross. For more information on appearances you can follow her on Instagram at itsshantaatkins or check out her website at www.shantaatkins.com.

Female Financial Freedom

Being a financial guru is not for everyone, but learning the ways of the gifted can increase the likelihood of obtaining financial successes. Money matters rule the world, but few are privileged to gain knowledge for financial growth. One may assume that these matters are handled by men; but there are women who are just as savvy with money. It is no secret that women have had to fight the stigma of being treated unfairly in the work place. From not being able to get certain jobs, to being paid a lesser wage for the same job as their male counterparts. In honor of National Women’s Month (March), this article will applaud prominent women in finance while highlighting proven tips to reach financial goals.

Zaneilia Harris

Zanellia Harris of Harris and Harris Wealth Management Group is a profound financial professional. She created a “financial boutique” that focuses on advising, educating, and supporting professional women and their communities, to build and transfer wealth. Miss Harris is sponsoring a wealth retreat titled “Finance ‘N Stilettos,” that will take place April 27-29 of 2017. Harris feels that the black woman is, oftentimes, the breadwinner in their families but don’t have time to take care of themselves. The retreat is designed to provide a relaxed environment for women while learning about managing their money and investments.

This retreat will allow high achieving, professional women strategize their financial future and become the best, most prepared version of themselves. Participants will meet one-on-one, with a female certified financial planner, to learn strategies on how to make money work for them. While mapping out the ultimate prosperity plan, attendees also have the opportunity to network with other women and take advantage of full body massages, sample exclusive wines, and enjoy luxury shopping. Women in attendance will rejuvenate physically, mentally, as well as financially. More information about this awesome opportunity can be found at http://hhwealth.com/retreats/.

Michelle Singletary

A national syndicated columnist and well renowned author knows her way around financial burdens. Her column, “The Color of Money,” appears in the Washington Post on Sunday and Wednesday. She speaks of learning the importance of wealth from her grandmother who gained several economical wins with an annual salary that never exceeded $13,000. The early teachings of financial responsibility gave Miss Singletary a necessary advantage in the finance world. She is also the author of “The 21 day Financial Fast” that can be found at https://youtu.be/mmswAtbp6sY. The Financial Fast fashioned after the familiar “Daniel” fast is Singletary’s exceptional way of getting people to give up spending on things that aren’t necessary in an attempt to train in money management. Her passion speaks volumes about not only gaining wealth, but gaining it to further the kingdom. Financial successes will assist in helping others and the communities we live in. Singletary is also a media personality as she has appeared on the “Diane Rehm Show,” “Oprah,” “NBC’s Today Show,” “The Early Show on CBS,” “Nightline,” and CNN.

Sallie Krawcheck

Krawcheck, co-founder of Ellevest, “realized the investing industry has been, frankly, “by men, for men” — and has historically kept women from achieving their financial goals (www.ellevest.com). Ellevest is an investment firm built to help women invest based on certain goals and timeframes customizable to their lifestyles and incomes. The website advertises that women can start investing in as little as 15 minutes directly from their cell phones. The site is full of tools and descriptions that will ease women into creating portfolios and taking the leap. There is no minimum deposit and there are several pricing options affordable to women at all income levels.

Women have become the leaders of many households and have the responsibility to provide for their families. The job does not stop there, there are opportunities to drive women beyond providing, and step over into gaining wealth that can be passed down through generations. The way has been paved by the phenomenal women mentioned, but it takes ambition and discipline to follow in their footsteps. Don’t let fear stifle your dreams. Take advantage of the tips provided and put them into action!

The “I Do”

What is marriage? I mean, if you had to define the word “marriage” how would you define it? If you had to describe it, what would you say? Would your definition or description be a combination of what you’ve heard others say? Or, would you use your own experiences and combine that with what you think it should be? Would you use a cute cliché, or quote a scripture to sound deep?

Well, after 5,315 days of being married allow me to share my definition. Marriage is what happens when a triangle and a circle become a rectangle. Marriage is the perfect blend of R&B, Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, a little Rock & Roll, and Gospel music. In the 759 weeks that I have been married, I have learned so many lessons. You don’t just have to compromise, you must also put down your will to be right for the cause of being whole. As the Bible says, “Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?” (Amos 3:3).

A few of the 174.5 months of my marriage have been difficult because at times I felt like I was building a house with no blueprint. Almost like putting a puzzle together without seeing the picture as a guide. I mean, yes there were married couples in my family and I witnessed mothers and fathers that lived together while growing up, but there were always some parts of the relationships I witnessed that I didn’t want in my marriage. As a matter of fact, there were marriages in my church that I swore my marriage would NEVER look like! I used to envy others that had the television scripted marriage. I wanted for my marriage to be fixed in 47 minutes! To my amazement, that’s not what marriage is and furthermore, that’s not what MY marriage is. While I wanted my marriage to look like others that I saw, God let me know that I was merely window shopping. I was admiring all the work that was being put into other’s display, while at times neglecting mine, or half-hearted working on my own. I was in awe of the finished product without ever knowing what it took to get to what I could see.

So, as I walk into the 15th year of my marriage I am grateful that God loves me enough to allow me to have a man that loves him, and loves our children and will do everything within his ability for our family. Of course, that doesn’t get him an entrance into sainthood, but it does get him my continued support, honor, commitment, and a continual “I Do”.

My continued “I Do” is the way that I plant seeds in my marriage. “I Do” is collaborating with my husband to continue building a legacy for our family. It’s when I stop looking at other marriages and putting pressure on my husband to make our marriage look like theirs. Planting seeds is not always a glorious task, but it requires getting dirty from time to time. For example, when difficulty in communication comes and I push past the uncomfortable moments to reach the goals that we set in our relationship. Planting seeds is work! Whether that’s being more patient, loving, willing to sacrifice, enduring, creative, loyal, resilient or humorous.

What Lies Beneath

Hello Beauties and Welcome Back!

Today we’re going to talk about beauty and the skin you’re in. It doesn’t matter if you love makeup, you hate it, you wear it every day or only on special occasions. There are several things that are important and many things that factor into the success of your glam look no matter how fabulous or basic.

Your Canvas
Your skin is your canvas and whether you do or don’t care for it can affect the way your makeup looks and can affect your life. There are many different skin types, oily, dry, combination, clear, textured (acne- prone), mature (seasoned) and hyperpigmented (discolored). Every canvas should be cleansed on a daily basis and moisturized with some type of non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) facial moisturizer that includes SPF as well. That applies to all skin types and melanin rich people too. Notice I said all skin types, that includes oily and dry skin as well. Questions and problems tend to arise when we have to pick what is going to work best for our skin.

Some of us may be under the impression that oily skin does not need to be moisturized That is not true. When oily skin is not moisturized or hydrated, it causes stress to your skin glands and your skin will produce more oil. Hydration is also important for dryer skin as well. Mature skin requires the same kind of love, care and attention in addition to some type of regenerating or rejuvenating skincare.
For all skin types consuming adequate amounts of water daily is very important, it works on our skin and many other things from the inside out. The foods we eat, the beverages we drink, the amount of sleep we get also impacts what our skin looks like. Utilizing toners, astringents, masks and night creams can also help the skin look fresh and vibrant.

If you experience more serious skin conditions such as severe acne, dermatitis, extreme redness or hyperpigmentation, there are many products on the market. It is easy to become overwhelmed and you must be precise about what you’re trying. You must also use a product line long enough to see results. If you have an adverse reaction you should stop using the product immediately. Remember that every product does not render the same result for every person even if they share the same skin type or condition. In that case, it would be wise to see a Dermatologist or Esthetician for a professional assessment on what is the best course of action to treat your skin. It should be noted that most Estheticians give a free consultation if you’re concerned about the cost.

Beauty and skincare can be overwhelming, that’s why the cosmetic and beauty industry’s revenue is well in to the billions.

Before We Apply

As I previously stated, cleansing your skin is one of the most important things to do daily. After cleansing your skin, a face primer should be applied. Facial primers are created for skin types as well, oily, dry, combination, pore and line fillers, etc. Do your research and choose accordingly. There are water and oil/silicone based primers. DO NOT mix water and oil/silicone based primers together. Color correcting should take place after prep and priming. Some facial primers come in color correcting colors. We’ll talk about how to color correct later. Whichever base/primer you use, your foundation should also contain the same main ingredient to help minimize creasing. Remember oil and water don’t mix. So, if water is one of the main ingredients in your primer, it should be the same for your foundation. If oil/silicone is one of the main ingredients in your primer, you should choose the same for your foundation. You will need to read 4-5 ingredients down on the list to be able to fully determine what ingredients are in your foundation. Even if you set your foundation, if the main ingredients and foundation are not the same, you may experience creasing or separation at some point. In some rare instances, you can use a water base primer and an oil/silicone base foundation, but you should really massage your primer into your skin and let it sink in prior to the application of your foundation.

If your primer and foundation routine is working well for you, continue as you were. Keep popp’n!
I want to note that I am not an Esthetician nor do I have any dermatological experience. I personally see a dermatologist as needed and an Esthetician. These views are my opinion based on my experience with many different skin types.

As always as we beautify ourselves on the outside, let’s continue to let God’s beauty radiate from the inside!