A Girl’s Reality: Time & True Collection

Our goal has always been to present fashion, style, and finesse with a low-cost flare. As a working mother and entrepreneur, I understand the budget crunches of home and LIFE. Always making sure your family is well provided for, but somehow always forgetting about yourself. And that is why we write with you in mind; the working women, the women of different shapes and sizes, women on a budget, and yet your desire is to be sophisticated and fashion forward.

As I look back at the articles we have presented, the journey of fashion has taken you to thrift shop finds and how to put it all together, shopping in malls and finding those modern outfits in a teenage girl’s world and now we present, the ultimate one stop shopping place Walmart! Ladies, we’ve been extremely hard on Walmart in past years. Frowning at their unappealing jeans, outdated tops, and boring shoes.

Now, you can buy dinner, school supplies, and a great outfit for yourself. I am geeked about their Time and Tru Collection. The plus size section is no longer minimal in what to choose from nor unappealing.  Walmart has been extremely intentional on their branding to women of all shapes and sizes.

The Time and Tru collection is budget friendly, filled with colors, patterns, and styles that cater to a multitude of women. Their selection ranges from rain boots and bejeweled sandals to distressed jeans, purses and kimonos! Yes….Kimonos.

I absolutely love how Walmart up’d the ante on their marketing, style, and cost for this line. I will be presenting their Fall line in the next issue of Nouveau. Stay tuned and check out these fun pieces.

Wide leg knit jumper- $16.94 Pink scrunch back canvas shoes- $9.94


Core high rise skinny jean- $9.00 on clearance Woven blue jean cami- $1.99 on clearance Floral Kimono- $14.97 Blue jean bow slide sandal- $6.97


These cute bow slide sandals came in a variety of colors- black, white, jean, and checkered print.


High rise skinny jeans with stripes- $9.00 on clearance Flowered tank- $1.99


Star print skinny jean- $9.00 on clearance Embroidered red flare out- $10.99 White bow slide sandal- $6.97