About us –

About us


OUR Mission

We aim to inspire our readers to be bold believers, bold dreamers and bold achievers in the newest and most popular format, digitally. We want to encourage women of ALL ages to fight for their dreams and be BOLD enough to  be the women God has called them to be.

Nouveau Exposure Magazine purposes to inspire our readers from all walks of life.We aim to encourage our readers to live life without regret of what could have been and aim for success while maintaining a strong, spiritual relationship with God.

Our subscriptions are available free of charge. Head over to our magazine issues page to see all of our content since September 2015. A portion of the funds from Bold Believer Apparel go to supporting the cost to produce the bi-monthly publication. If you would like to support Nouveau Exposure Magazine shop the apparel on this website or donate below.


Something More About Us

Nouveau is the french term translated in English as “new.”