All About That Base

Welcome Back Beauties!

We previously left off with, “What happens if I don’t use primer?” We talked about the importance of priming your eyelids and how priming your eyelids and setting them with powder gives your eyeshadow longevity and allows your eyeshadow to pop.

Well, there’s more. I left off at the end of my last submission discussing the importance of building a good base.

Have you asked yourself, “Do I use a base in addition to using a primer?” Probably not, but the answer is, Yes! While primer and base serve similar purposes, eyeshadow base alone will not hold your eyeshadow in place like your eyelid primer (there are a couple of brands that utilize eyeshadow base and primer interchangeably). Eyeshadow base can improve eyeshadow colors and increase its vibrancy or cause it to be deep and rich (depending on the colors used). Truthfully, it’s all about building the proper foundation to set the stage for a breakthrough…. lol. It’s that deep and that serious (insert laughing/crying emoji here). After you apply your eyelid primer and set it with a translucent or neutral toned setting powder, apply your transition color(s) and you go from there.

Mindful Tip: Do not apply your eyeshadow base to any part of your eyelid or eye that you do not want to show a dramatic change in color. If you want the mobile part of your eyelid to pop or display depth in color, apply the base to that area only. Make sure to blend out the edges of base and try not to cover or cancel out the work you spent applying your transition colors.

So, what do I use as a base!? Well, lucky for you, I’m here to help!! There are a plethora of things that can be used as base, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. If you are trying to make bright colors pop, use a white base or lighter colored base such as an NYX eyeshadow base or NYX eyeshadow base pencil. Other products that can be used for base, MAC paint pots, Tarte lid lock and some concealers. If you want a deeper, richer hue, the most common “go to” color, to make dark colors appear full, is a black base. Your base should only be applied to the parts of the eye that you want to show a dramatic difference with, i.e., the mobile part of your eyelid, your waterline or lower lash area of your eye.

The key to making colors look good is to make sure that you blend and smooth out any base color applied to your eyes. If your makeup brush is not accomplishing the desired look, it’s okay to use your finger-tips to smooth out your base. Oftentimes, the warmth from your fingertips will cause the application of the product to smooth out easily. If you’re not already using a primer and a base, give it a try. I’m sure it will improve your eyeshadow looks as well as increase longevity of your eyeshadow. After using these mindful tips and techniques, use #Nouveaubeauty for a feature on our IG page!

Always know how valuable and uniquely beautiful you are! Until next time.