Aly Jae

Aly developed a love for makeup at a young age, five years old. She began working for Clinique as a counter manager in 2008 and learned the basics of applying makeup and skin care. It wasn’t until she was coaching students for competitive speaking that she thought about becoming a beauty influencer. The students encouraged her to share her tips through YouTube.
She didn’t jump right in after her students suggested this grand idea, she prayed. She wanted to pursue a career in education (teaching) but was blessed to follow her passion of beauty after much prayer and thought. She has learned that self-employment can be challenging, discouraging at times.

In moments when she needs inspiration she remembers: Philippians 4:13

Aly’s advice to someone who is facing challenges branching out in their line own line of business is to “keep at it” and “accept what’s for you is for you.” When Aly first started she was averaging 15 – 20 views within the first 48 hours and now she averages between 50 – 100 views within the first 48 hours. Despite the negative comments and the slow rise of subscribers she continued to refine her craft and beginning to see the fruits of her labor. Some of the opportunities that Aly has had due to being a beauty influencer are being able to sample products for companies, attending a makeup festival, and getting connected with other beauty influencers by networking.

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What she finds encouraging is to see the comments from her followers about her post and videos helping them or wanting more. She loves what she is doing right now but doesn’t see herself going past her 40’s in front of the camera. She eventually wants to create a line of cosmetics that caters to all shades of skin from the lightest of light to the darkest of dark along with other streams of income.

Cool Facts About Aly Jae 

  • Single mother of one daughter, who aspires to be just like mom (a YouTuber)
  • Attending Devry University for her degree in business
  • Coaches Competitive Speaking at a local high school in her hometown

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