Beat Brows – 7 Steps to Achieving the Perfect Eyebrow

by: Mz. Red Carpet


I felt we should go back to the basics, brows going first! I’ve been seeing some brows out here that are out of control, just a hot mess! Ladies, things we NEED to remember about our brows is that they are sisters NOT TWINS. Also, remember that a BLACK pencil is NEVER an option for your brows. #StopItAlready. I’m tired of seeing you all looking like Elvira!  #ItsNotCute! The pictures below demonstrate how I achieve my brows. It’s really simple, so grab your beauty bag and let’s get started!!!

  • IMG_4271Start with clean brows
  • Tweeze away any unwanted hair or stubble
  • Outline your brows using a dark brown pencil (start with the bottom of the brows)
  • Outline the top of your brows using a soft hand
  • Swiftly apply soft strokes through your brow with the brown pencil and blend
  • Use a small angled brush to blend everything (brushing with a spool can help with harsh lines)
  • Sculpt your brow by applying a lighter shade of concealer under your brow bone (darker concealer is an option)
  • Use your finger to blend into your skin
  • Blend the concealer using a kabuki brush for a flawless look

I hope that you take my little advice and use it. Better brow days are ahead. To see more looks I’ve created follow my Instagram @mzredcarpet1 Until next time…

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