Caryce Porter : Blessed by Frustration

Imagine you are preparing your attire to attend an event and you can’t find a nude shoe. You begin searching online shops, the major retail stores, your local boutiques but nothing. You have even gone as far to try goodwill or the thrift store and there isn’t anything that comes close to the idea you have in your head. Do you give up and pick another option or do you design an option yourself?

Caryce Porter picked option number two and there are hundreds of women who are grateful that she did.


Caryce was tired of being frustrated with the lack of options for a nude shoe that she could wear. During spring of 2016 she made the decision to design a shoe for herself. While designing the product, she was inspired with the idea of making it a product that other women could purchase as well. She feels that the fashion industry defines nude as the color beige but nude depends on the complexion of the person wearing the product. When she began designing the products she wanted to ensure that she offered something for all shades of women. Caryce stated, “I want to make sure that I fill that need and want. It’s almost a staple, like having a nude bra.”

Dawn Collection


Fast forward to February 13, 2017 at 7:31pm (cst) when Caryce posted a status on Facebook showing her friends several photos of the prototype for her nude shoes and sharing the website www.nudesoles.com for people to subscribe for updates. The status was intended for her social media family and friends. To her surprise, it went viral. The status has over 11,000 likes, over 1,500 comments and over 7,000 shares. She began receiving comments and messages from women who wanted to know when they could get the product. With just one post on social media Caryce gained so many supporters. With the encouragement, she received from other entrepreneurs, along with the compliments of her being an inspiration to women who were in the idea stage of creating a business Caryce was motivated to continue with her endeavor of NudeSole.

Espresso Collection


With the wind of the initial announcement pushing her into success, Caryce put her digital marketing experience to work and used social media as a tool to engage potential customers. The followers of NudeSole could suggest style and color names. The company has four styles of shoes and each style comes in four colors. The styles are Beatrice, Eva, Chantelle and Reecie. The styles are available in the colors of Dawn, Fox, Cocoa and Expresso. Pre-orders are currently being taken through the website and Caryce anticipates that they will be able to take live orders in the next month.

Fox Collection


“A dream can be more than just a dream,” says Caryce. She didn’t set out to make this product. She was initially hoping that someone, some company would finally create a nude shoe for her to purchase. The thought crossed her mind to create the product herself and from there she ran with it. No, she does not have a degree or training in the fashion industry. The closest she came to retail was being a customer shopping in stores like any other citizen of the world and a job she held at a shoe store during breaks of her undergraduate education which was studying Biology. Anything that she didn’t know how to do from experience she researched or reached out for help from those who had the experience. Now look at her!  She has a full-blown business and is making moves to turn this into a movement in the fashion industry.

Cocoa Collection


Let Caryce inspire you to become the solution to your problem and allow God to direct you every step of the way!

The editor was was raised as a pastor’s daughter in the city of Chicago and now resides in southern Illinois and is married to a minister. Don’t mistake her roles as a preacher’s kid (p.k.) and a preacher’s wife (p.k.) as a lack for awareness for what happens in the life of the average woman. She has had acquaintances and friendships over the years with women from all walks of life and the one thing that she has had in common with them all is her faith. Through those relationships she learned that everyone has moments of doubt, discouragement and even triumphs. The key is to have a connection to other believers so they can encourage each other through the ups and downs of life. That is what inspired her to create Nouveau Exposure Magazine. She has purposed to find other believers with testimonies of success after struggle, dreams coming to fruition by applying faith and action as well as lessons on self love. email address: SharondaCawthon@nouveauexposure.org