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Dr. Jackie Greene on Love, Family & Ministry

You pretty much have been under a rock the last year if you haven’t heard the chart topping single Intentional by award winning singer Travis Greene. If you haven’t purchased the complete album yet, let me just suggest that you should.. In 2015 the album, The Hill, was released as his sophomore album and Travis Greene shared an amazing testimony where he and his wife experienced a miracle of God when it came to the birth of their first-born son, David Jace. Well, I had the amazing opportunity to speak with the woman behind the faith, Dr. Jackie Greene.

Greene Family

Two become One

Jackie and Travis met in 2007 at Georgia Southern University while she was in her first year of undergraduate studies and he a member of Kappa Alpha Psi and recent graduate of the university was continuously visiting to support the campus ministry that he was a part of while enrolled. Jackie recalls first seeing Travis at a service held by the campus ministry (Spirit of Truth) where Travis was supposed to minister in song but the lord led him in a different direction that day. Jackie had not known too many young men who expressed a passion for God the way she witnessed Travis do on that day. After the service was over Travis was being social and speaking with everyone. Jackie described their official introduction with Travis approaching her group of friends and asking for everyone’s name to become acquainted. When he asked for Jackie’s name she shared it with him and in a flirting way Travis said the incorrect name which only allowed for a bit more dialogue between he and Jackie so she could correct him.

It was about a month after that introduction at another campus ministry event that Travis shared with the congregation that he was going to marry a woman from Spirit of Truth ministries while making eye contact with Jackie. Jackie was taken back a bit by the comment knowing that Travis was a bold individual to proclaim such a thing. Once again, there was interaction between the two after the service. This time Travis made the first move by taking Jackie’s phone and calling his phone so they would have each other’s number. Jackie describes the early years of their relationship as an on and off cycle until her senior year when Travis seemed to step up the game a bit and get serious about their future. In December of 2011 the two became one in holy matrimony.

Life with Family & Ministry

Jackie went on to attend the Medical College of Georgia for dentistry. The testimony of David Jace’s birth occurred during the time that Jackie was attending medical school. Jackie graduated in the hospital chapel due to early delivery. Jackie postponed practicing dentistry right away so she could stay home and care for their son until age 2 and be a support to her husband. Jackie doesn’t see it as separated or isolated ministry, but rather everything is done together as a family .

2016 has brought a couple of changes to the Greene family. In spring of this year Forward City Church was launched hosting Monday night services and on August 21st the ministry launched full fledge with Sunday services as well. Jackie doesn’t find it surprising to be in the new role of pastoring alongside her husband. As a young woman, she believed God had shown her that she and her husband would lead a ministry, she was just waiting for God to show Travis, and God did just that.

Jackie shared that Travis is free spirited and likes to have freedom instead of being in one place all the time. Pastoring wasn’t really something that Travis saw himself doing, but “God showed him that he could still be Travis and just do it,” said Jackie.

Jackie and Travis have always had a passion for helping young men and women, but now they have a new role as pastors. Jackie shared that the transition was not hard but there is a high demand on the family to understand that they do need to serve the people of the church. The birth of their second son, Travis Joshua, put a halt on going into dentistry practice for Jackie as well as the amount of time she can offer to the ministry. “Having a newborn can cause a toll on the amount of sleep and free time,” mentioned Jackie. Nothing comes before the household. Home is the first ministry, but there is an understanding of why things are being done for ministry.

Jackie Greene

Their ministry is for people of all ages but they are extremely passionate about the college demographic because they believe that is the stage in life when Satan really tries to attack the mind, body

and spirit of a person. They want young people to understand that the choices they make during that stage effect their lives then and later. They try to be as transparent as possible when ministering so the people understand that no one is perfect and God’s grace and love extend to all people.

The church is nontraditional. Jackie believes that God initiates and it’s their responsibility to follow God while being careful not to become overwhelmed by religious practices defeating themselves. Jackie shared that God uses Travis to speak a word that is relevant for the times and Travis is able to break it down for anyone to understand. . They desire for people to come in and be healed as their prayer is for people to be open and honest with themselves and God. They teach that people are people and God is God.

Even in their own walk Jackie states that she and Travis don’t try to be someone else, they are not performing for anyone. The same people they are at home, they are at church and everywhere else they go.
When asked if there has been a change in the roles played at home and church for Jackie due to Travis’ music career Jackie stated that Travis says that he dates music, but he loves worship. Music is a tool that he uses in his worship. While that is what he does, what pulls him strongest is the church, even if he is on the road, Travis makes a strong effort to be home at Forward City Church for Sundays.

Jackie does whatever it takes to help with the ministry, anywhere from prayer calls to heart to heart sessions with the women. She is aware that eventually she will be pulled on to speak from time to time but for now she is there to assist wherever needed and care for the men in her home.

Holiday Fun

When asked about their celebration plans Jackie informed that the Greene family shares their holidays between both Jackie and Travis’ family. Travis’ family is from South Carolina and for thanksgiving they have a huge gathering. Other times they travel to Georgia to celebrate with Jackie’s family. However, there have been times for Christmas where they make time for immediate family and stay home with each other to make it special for their sons to have their own traditions.


To Learn more about their new ministry check out Forward City Church on Sunday’s – 11am

1515 Main St
Columbia, South Carolina



Tyree Elaine

Tyree Elaine became popular to many through social media with her video “Women Over 40 Be Like,” which was a joke. She and a friend have mothers who are around the same age and they were making fun of the things their moms often said.
She actually came on the scene prior to that particular video becoming popular. Tyree was in the field of education and found herself going to a job that she did not enjoy but it was difficult to let go of a steady income and familiarity. “It’s kind of weird to say that all you know how to do is get up and be miserable for eight hours and come home,” said Tyree. She has been separated from her job for two years now.

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Syleecia Thompson

Dr. Syleecia Thompson is deemed  a serial entrepreneur. She has always wanted to have multiple streams of income. Syleecia considers herself fortunate to work in a field that she has experience and education to back up. She focuses on four areas; education, entertainment, empowerment and entrepreneurship. She is a professor at Berkley College and Monroe College. She received her entertainment experience as her sister Syleena’s business manager and road manager.
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Donna Clayton

Donna may be doing her dream now at TBN as her studies were in the field of broadcast journalism during undergrad. She spent years applying for internships and jobs but no one accepted her. She gave her due diligence with emails, letters, etc and every door closed. She became discouraged wondering why God gave her a desire to do something only to leave doors closed. Little did she know God had a plan.
She was an undergraduate student and heard about an internship with TBN’s youth network and although unpaid, she went for it and did everything unto the lord. After she graduated from college she worked in the prayer department and became a prayer supervisor. After 5 years of being in that department she had a moment that changed her life.

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Aly Jae

Aly developed a love for makeup at a young age, five years old. She began working for Clinique as a counter manager in 2008 and learned the basics of applying makeup and skin care. It wasn’t until she was coaching students for competitive speaking that she thought about becoming a beauty influencer. The students encouraged her to share her tips through YouTube.
She didn’t jump right in after her students suggested this grand idea, she prayed. She wanted to pursue a career in education (teaching) but was blessed to follow her passion of beauty after much prayer and thought. She has learned that self-employment can be challenging, discouraging at times.

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Melissa Fredericks

Melissa set out to write her book in February. She expressed the idea to Kevin during their date night and between dinner and a movie he took her to the store and purchased a computer for her to use to write the book. Hard work paid off because this past August she released her book titled, Journey to Self-Love.

Melissa considers herself an introvert, but if she has to pick something it would be public speaking. During the process of writing the book she found it to be stressful and intimidating. Her husband encouraged her to write as if she were actually speaking to women and the words began to flow. She wanted to share her story on personal experiences and struggles for universal issues with the readers. “I thought I could humpty dumpty myself to be this woman that I thought was beautiful and perfect and everything that I thought that I wasn’t,” said Melissa. As she reflected for writing purposes on her emotions while dealing with low self-esteem she found it to be therapeutic for her and even realized some areas where she was still struggling. She wants women to feel empowered after reading her book and understand that the way God created them is great. She has read books about many subjects that have brought about a range of emotions but she wants the women who read her book to feel empowered to change. The person in the mirror should be someone you like and love and anyone who struggles with that, as she did, should begin their journey to love themselves as is, no exceptions.

You might think that Melissa, a.k.a. MrsKevOnStage, was anticipating sales of hundreds of books. Well, surprisingly one exciting weekend Melissa’s husband, Kevin, took to social media to promote pre-sales of her book. Melissa recalls thinking she would order no more than 50 books and thought from that amount she would only sale a few from online orders and try to sale more at the Love Yourself Gabfest, which was recently held in Atlanta, GA. Well, thanks to her husband promoting her book she went from 50 books to over 200 in the first few days from online orders and needed to order more for the Gabfest.

When asked how she is handling the spotlight as an author she stated, “at the end of the day I still feel like we’re in the thick of the grind, we haven’t arrived. It’s still an adjustment.” Melissa has dreams and aspirations to accomplish and having this book published is just one of them.