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    Dr. Jackie Greene on Love, Family & Ministry

    You pretty much have been under a rock the last year if you haven’t heard the chart topping single Intentional by award winning singer Travis Greene. If you haven’t purchased the complete album yet, let me just suggest that you should.. In 2015 the album, The Hill, was released as his sophomore album and Travis Greene shared an amazing testimony where he and his wife experienced a miracle of God when it came to the birth of their first-born son, David Jace. Well, I had the amazing opportunity to speak with the woman behind the faith, Dr. Jackie Greene. Two become One Jackie and Travis met in 2007 at Georgia…

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    Tyree Elaine

    Tyree Elaine became popular to many through social media with her video “Women Over 40 Be Like,” which was a joke. She and a friend have mothers who are around the same age and they were making fun of the things their moms often said. She actually came on the scene prior to that particular video becoming popular. Tyree was in the field of education and found herself going to a job that she did not enjoy but it was difficult to let go of a steady income and familiarity. “It’s kind of weird to say that all you know how to do is get up and be miserable for…

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    Syleecia Thompson

    Dr. Syleecia Thompson is deemed  a serial entrepreneur. She has always wanted to have multiple streams of income. Syleecia considers herself fortunate to work in a field that she has experience and education to back up. She focuses on four areas; education, entertainment, empowerment and entrepreneurship. She is a professor at Berkley College and Monroe College. She received her entertainment experience as her sister Syleena’s business manager and road manager.

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    Donna Clayton

    Donna may be doing her dream now at TBN as her studies were in the field of broadcast journalism during undergrad. She spent years applying for internships and jobs but no one accepted her. She gave her due diligence with emails, letters, etc and every door closed. She became discouraged wondering why God gave her a desire to do something only to leave doors closed. Little did she know God had a plan. She was an undergraduate student and heard about an internship with TBN’s youth network and although unpaid, she went for it and did everything unto the lord. After she graduated from college she worked in the prayer…

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    Aly Jae

    Aly developed a love for makeup at a young age, five years old. She began working for Clinique as a counter manager in 2008 and learned the basics of applying makeup and skin care. It wasn’t until she was coaching students for competitive speaking that she thought about becoming a beauty influencer. The students encouraged her to share her tips through YouTube. She didn’t jump right in after her students suggested this grand idea, she prayed. She wanted to pursue a career in education (teaching) but was blessed to follow her passion of beauty after much prayer and thought. She has learned that self-employment can be challenging, discouraging at times.

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    Melissa Fredericks

    Melissa set out to write her book in February. She expressed the idea to Kevin during their date night and between dinner and a movie he took her to the store and purchased a computer for her to use to write the book. Hard work paid off because this past August she released her book titled, Journey to Self-Love. Melissa considers herself an introvert, but if she has to pick something it would be public speaking. During the process of writing the book she found it to be stressful and intimidating. Her husband encouraged her to write as if she were actually speaking to women and the words began to…