Christopher Swims – A Pastor’s Inspiration

“It’s ok to grieve.” Something I preach all the time to others, but fail to apply in my own life. Grief is never an easy task to handle. Grief isn’t just the loss of a lifetime loved one, grief happens when your normal routine is hit with a sudden interruption. I.e. you’ve given loyal service to your job for over twenty years, but you’re replaced with the newest technology. You didn’t get that raise and what you thought would last forever, ended abruptly. It is the sudden interruptions in life that causes us to lose our breathe.

How do you recover from interruptions? Grieve, mourn or even take off the Band-Aid. Stop trying to hold it together. These are mechanisms we use to numb the pain that we’re feeling. Numbing never heals, it just prolongs healing. It’s easy to find alternatives that’ll get our mind focused on something else, but when will we deal with our brokenness?

Grief opens the door to know a different side of God. Recently, I did a devotional entitled, “5 Names of God for Grief,” by Christopher D. Hudson and Rose Publishing. It brought a great comfort to me in knowing God cares, not only about my future, but also my heart that is hurting. This is who God is and He desires to intentionally and personally help you when you’re grieving:

• Elohim Shama – The God that hears

• Jehovah Uzzi – The Lord is my strength

• Elohim Qarob – God is near

• Rum Rosh – The one that lifts my head

• Shub Nephesh – Renewer of Life

You don’t have to deal with life’s interruptions on your own, God is there waiting to reveal Himself to you!!

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