Elishama Tekoa: Ministering through Music

Elishama during her release party. – Photo Via Facebook

Elishama Tekoa comes from a musical household. Her parents have been singing for decades, so it seems only natural that Elishama began singing by the age of three. She had a desire to be apart of the music industry during her early teen years. At the age of fourteen she, her brother and other friends began a rap group. That was short lived, and with time things changed.

She took a break from singing and music by 2003. For Elishama music was attached to church and when she fell away from church and her relationship with God began to dwindle she was no longer passionate about music. As life happens, Elishama’s sister passed from cancer in 2006. Elishama witnessing her sister passing was an eye opener and the reality check she needed from God to show her just how precious her time on earth can be. She re-dedicated her life to God that year and became involved in music once again.

In 2007 she was signed to an indie label. Since that time, her music ministry and career have taken off. She has done a few singles since signing and in 2012 she released an EP. A few more singles have been released since the EP release, but recently she celebrated the release of her album, God’s Love Unfiltered, on July 28, 2018. With a strong support system from her parents, children, friends, and church family Elishama is confident in God’s gift of talent and ministry through her. She’s not soaking up the spotlight for herself, but she encourages her background singers or forefront singers as she refers to them to allow God to minister through them also.

Creating the songs for her album allowed her the opportunity to share her testimony through song. One of the songs that she favors from the project is titled What is Love. God gave Elishama the song when she was experiencing heartbreak and felt unloved. She began to question what real love was like. “Just as clear as day I heard these words as a melody, His name is Jesus,” said Elishama. Once God began to minister to her that love is found in Jesus the song began to flow and every song thereafter.

Elishama’s testimony of God’s selfless love shines through her ministry and music. Don’t wait until Elishama is on the Stellar Awards to download her music, head over to your streaming apps and support her today. 

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