Glow On Baby!!!

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! Let’s talk! Can we say il-lu-mi-nate!  Yes, we can! (in my best Sherman Klump voice). It’s that icy, blue, rose gold, golden, bronze, copper hue just to name a few that we adorn out cheek bones, foreheads, chins, noses, inner tear duct and upper lips with. Some of us have also began to mix our loose powder illuminators in body lotions and in setting sprays to bronze our bodies (if you haven’t done that yet, you can and you should). It’s a money saving tip to avoid purchasing expensive illuminating body products unless you choose to. Illuminating products can also be purchased in liquid oil and stick forms. The greatest difference that I have noticed besides the variety in colors is the application process. Some illuminators are creamy and smooth and need to be applied with a brush, some need a little boost with a couple of applications. Some need to be warmed a little with our body heat and applied with our fingers. Whatever the case, there is something for everyone.

Just like all other brands and types of makeup products, there are a plethora of illuminators available to us all and finding the perfect one at the perfect price can become a bit overwhelming. One great thing is that you can find an affordable illuminator at your nearest grocery or drugstore. Some of those brands include E.L.F., Loreal True Match Lumi, NYX, Physicians Formula and Milani; just to name a few. Then you have illuminators like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Cover FX, Becca, Laura Gellar, etc. that can be purchased in specified beauty stores such as Sephora and Ulta.

How do you decide? Well, it has a lot to do with your skin tone and your undertone. Let me just say, I AM NOT saying that certain colors of makeup are prohibited for certain hues of women. I DO NOT follow that “rule” when applying my own makeup.   Applying makeup is an artistic expression. We all want that fancy glow up, but we don’t want the glow up gone wrong. How can that happen? Well, for me as a deeper hued beauty, I would not personally apply any highlighter that appears iridescent, white or blue in shade for my illuminator for daily wear. I would however apply gold, rose gold, peach or any warm bronze or copper hue. Any hue that would “warm” my features vs. looking ashy.  Truthfully, some gold hued illuminators can look suspect on my deeper hued skin depending on the undertone of the illuminator or the look I am trying to achieve. Please do not let this information deter you, this is my personal opinion regarding how I apply makeup to myself and to others.

I would apply the same principle in reverse to my extremely fair, olive and brown hued beauties. Too deep of a shade of illuminator could make a fairer skinned beauty’s makeup look muddy when applied to the highpoints of the face. The reason why illuminators come in many shades depending on the brand is to help all women participate in the, “glow up.” I would liken illuminators to foundation when picking the most suitable color to enhance your, overall look.

Where do I apply? Women typically apply illuminator to the cheekbones, forehead, chin and lip area. And if we’re “Insta” famous, the amount applied can be blinding. LOL! For a simplistic daily application illuminator can be applied to the cheekbones, nose and upper lip and/or lightly applied to the all of the above-mentioned areas. If you still have questions or concerns about where to apply your illuminator, apply it where the natural light gives the highpoints of your face a glow.

As we adorn ourselves outwardly, let’s not forget that our inner beauty is our true beauty and that is God’s light shining within us.

Your Beauty Enthusiast,

Jance Curry-Witzman MUA