Help! I’m Melting…

Summer is officially here and I want to talk about a few things concerning the heat and our beautiful faces! First off, who here is a major sweater during the summer months? (insert hand raised high) Le sigh!

Yes, yes, I know, some of us don’t sweat. As I was told by someone a few years younger than myself, “I don’t sweat, I glisten.” Well, well, young child when you mature, you just may sweat. I am a SWEATER! So, I’ve decided to do my first product review on MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation with MAC prep + prime and MAC Fix plus along with NYX Proof It Eyebrow Primer for my eyebrows and so I put it to the test. I must say that I am not a fan of all things MAC, but I thought I would give their waterproof foundation a try.

I ordered the deepest shade NW50 at the MAC store online. Upon arrival, I was a little concerned that that the deepest shade was not going to be dark enough for the rich deeply baked shade that I’d become during the time between when I placed my order and the arrival of the product.

I put my products to the test in the hot South Carolina humidity and heat. On the first day, I applied MAC prep + prime to the high points of my cheeks with some Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator to see how it would work. I did not apply any foundation, I was going for a gentle glow. By the end of the night, I had sweat and oil in the t-zone area of my face where I did not apply any product, but my high points continued to slightly glisten with no sweat beading and my illuminator stayed intact.

I decided to give my products a full test run the second time around. This time, I applied a full face of makeup, utilizing all of my MAC products in addition to my Tarte concealer and Ben Nye Setting Powder. I wore these products for a period of about 8 hours. On this particular day, I also went to the beach as well and was even splashed by ocean water. I was feeling pretty confident with my makeup despite having to utilize the beauty blender on at least one occasion to my t-zone area. I would consider that day a success! My face stayed intact and I glistened.

We all know that the third time is supposed to be a charm. Welp, the third time was no winner, winner chicken dinner. The temperature was moderate, but the humidity was high. In a matter of roughly 15 minutes, my face began to melt in the t-zone area. Even with vigorous blotting with a beauty blender, the humidity and my sweat were no match for the MAC waterproof products. I had blot so much, I blotted away all of the makeup in my t-zone area. Shame!

If I had to rate this product on a scale of 1-5, I would rate it a 3. Why? My face never actually dripped in perspiration, I looked more like a melting, glistening piece of warm dark chocolate candy. The coverage of this product is medium with a matte finish which works well in the summer months. This particular foundation does not feel cakey or drying and is very blendable. It is mid-range in price ranging from $30-$35 depending on where it is purchased. If the humidity is not too high, the product works fairly well, even with temperatures in the mid 70’s up to low 80’s. The reliability of the product should increase with the use of MAC Pro waterproof concealer. Please take into consideration that Tarte concealer was what I used in my t-zone area (it was what I had at the time). I can almost guarantee that the mixture of those two formulas were not compatible resulting in the “melted” look. If you’re interested in water proof foundation, the shade range is what I would consider to be limited. In my opinion, there is a need for deeper hued choice options. Would I purchase this product again? I’m still torn. There are many qualities about the product I like and the others are what I would consider, “workable.” I am also going to test the success of the product with the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer to see if the success rate of the product increases. I will include my findings in a side note in the upcoming issue.

On to the NYX Proof It! I absolutely love it! My eyebrows stayed intact, even after I rubbed across them. I utilized the NYX Proof It Eyebrow Primer with both an Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer and Colour Pop Brow Colour. While my face was a struggle, my brows were all together. I was excited about that! Being a sweater, I blot and wipe quite frequently. If I had to rate this product on a scale of 1-5, I would give it a 5. The consistency of both brow products stayed intact while using the primer. The price is very affordable ranging from $5-$7. This is a must have if you need to keep your brows in place at a very cost-efficient price. The product is a gel consistency, it’s easy to apply and dries matte. I would consider this product very reliable and would recommend it to anyone trying to keep their brows on their face during the summer months.

While I’ve only mentioned a couple of waterproof products, I am going to continue on my search to find what I feel is a more reliable waterproof foundation and concealer and I will keep you all informed. I’m really anxious to find something that works well for me and hopefully for you too. I typically do not wear makeup during the summer months.

As always, stay bold and beautiful! Most importantly, keep on believing!