Holiday Weight Loss Survival

It’s the HOLIDAY season! It’s also the end of the year. For some of us, this is the time of year we deal with massive weight gain. Let’s discuss how we can survive the holiday season without a lot of weight gain and go into the New Year healthier.

7 Holiday Eating Survival Tips:

1. If you’re going to travel for the holidays, eat healthy meals the day(s) before Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve/Day. Eat healthy carbs, vegetables and protein. Stay away from desserts (as you might eat these on the holiday).

2. Bring your own food. If you cook your own food for the holiday and take it with you when invited out, this will help you to stay on track and reach your goals.

3. If you are cooking for family or friends, incorporate healthy meals you will eat. You may be the only one eating the meals but that’s okay. Remember, you have goals to reach and eating any and everything isn’t going to help reach your goals.

4. If eating later in the day, fill up on fruits, vegetables and water before leaving. This will help you eat less holiday food when you arrive. If you decide to eat dessert or anything that isn’t healthy, eating fruit, vegetables and drinking water before arriving will help with portion sizes because you will become full quickly.

5. Pile on the vegetables! If healthy carbs are available, put one serving on the plate and add protein. If healthy carbs aren’t available, but you would like to eat the carbs being served, add a small amount to the plate.

6. Do not take leftovers home!!! Christmas is a month after Thanksgiving and the New Year is 1 week after Christmas. It is best to wait to eat the same or similar food again. Not taking leftovers home will allow you to get back on track without eating.

7. OR take the day (only that day) and enjoy the food, family and friends. DON’T step on the scale!!! If eating any and everything is the option of choice, weight gain is inevitable. No need to look at the scale to see how much damage has been done, just enjoy the day and get back on track the next day, and remember tip # 6.


5 Holiday Exercise Tips:

1. At a minimum, start walking now. If it is too cold to walk outside, do it inside. YouTube has many great indoor videos you can use.

2. Watching T.V. allows for a great way to exercise. A house or apartment with stairs is a great way to get effective exercise. During commercial breaks, walk up and down the stairs. No stairs, that’s okay; do squats, jumping jacks, arm raises (with or without weights), high knees, jog/walk in place, planks, chair squats, bicycle crunches, donkey kicks, leg raises, or push-ups.

3. On the day of any holiday, wake up and exercise. You can join me for a Facebook Live workout, do workout videos or a YouTube workout (check out Tiffany Rothe Workouts).

4. After eating your holiday meal, if possible, go for a walk. Ask family or friends if they would like to go for a walk to get them involved. If the answer is no, head out the door for some fresh air and a little exercise alone.

5. The day after the holiday, it is time to move. Don’t become lazy or allow the holiday to stop any progress made along the way. If you know you will be shopping on Black Friday and you will be out all day shopping, this can be counted as exercise for the day (depending on how long you will be out).


I challenge you: DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE NEW YEAR TO START!! The longer it takes to start, the more weight we have to get off. Start the day you read this article. If you are already eating healthy and exercising, keep doing a great job. Don’t let the holiday season get you off track. Remember, I do Facebook live workouts if you need the motivation!

For the new year, I would like to leave you with this. Set 3 realistic goals to reach for the month of January. REALISTIC is the key. On average you should lose up to 4 pounds a month. Don’t make all the goals related to weight loss. What is your water goal? How many days are you going to workout? How many days a week are you going to meal prep? What type of workouts will you do each week?

Zhivi Williams, earned a Master’s of Education from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte in Charlotte, NC and a Master’s of Theological Studies from Hood Theological Seminary in Salisbury, NC. In addition, Miss. Williams is a NASM certified Women’s Fitness and Nutrition Specialist. She is a motivational speaker, author, and owner of Leading by Example, whose mission is to inspire change through health, wellness and fitness. She is also the founder of Passion Driven, a non-profit organization that promotes women’s health and wellness through educational events. Miss. Williams is also the founder of the Women’s Health & Fitness Day, hosted in Charlotte, NC. Miss Williams has over 30 years of experience in fitness. She has remained on the cutting edge of the health, wellness and fitness industry by developing training programs, meal plans, writing magazine articles and books, developing strategic partnerships to help individuals increase their personal health and provides personal training to assist individuals in improving their lives. Follow her on Instagram at lbxfitness.