Javicia Leslie: The Sister to God’s Friend

Imagine how easy it would be if we could communicate with God the way we communicate with our family, friends, and entertainers via social media. Well it looks like someone thought of that with this new series God Friended Me and Javicia Leslie was blessed to land a role on this promising series.

Javicia plays the role of Ali Finer in the upcoming CBS series, God Friended Me, premiering Sunday, September 30th at 8pm et/pt . On the show she has her brother, Miles Finer, played by Brandon Michael Hall. Both Javicia and Brandon’s characters are children of Pastor Arthur Finer (Joe Morton) and Brandon’s character is an atheist sharing his unbelief through a podcast only to receive a friend request from God via social media.

Javicia’s character, Ali, is a bartender and appears to be the common bond between her father and brother during the first episode and encourages her brother to reach out to their father. In real life Javicia is a vibrant 30 something raised by a single parent, her mother, and has an older brother, eight years older. She finds herself bridging the communication between the two of them as well from time to time and was also bartender for a while, so those scenes may come a little natural for her.

She can relate to the experience of finding God for herself. She wasn’t raised to attend church on a regular basis but did attend on occasion with her family for what is known as CME days, better explained as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter. But, when she visited her grandmother in Florida, who attended church regularly, she was able to attend more often. By her teen years she began to question things and find her own way. She eventually attended church for herself and believes that “Everyone goes through that and should go through that.” Javicia posed the question, “Is it true faith when you never, ever question the things that were said to you?” True faith is discovering a relationship and knowledge for yourself and not just taking something as truth because it was taught to you from childhood.

She hopes that the viewing audience understands the need for communicating as they watch the series. Communication with others many times is the reason for misunderstandings and not getting along with others. Javicia believes if people can communicate with each other about feelings, differences, and more and come away respecting those feelings and differences it would improve the way so much is viewed in our world. For example, the show does not have a take on one religion over another but simply opening up dialogue as it relates to the existence of something being greater than what we see in front of us.

Javicia is no stranger to the lense of a camera. She has modeled and acted for quite some time but this break in her career is the one most actors dream of experiencing. When asked how this experience is different from others she expressed excitement picking up and moving to a new city and looks forward to having influence on the development of her character, Ali.

When asked what she would suggest to those who are just branching out in the entertainment industry she stated, “Be kind to yourself throughout this process. It’s already a very competitive industry and the one person you should not be tough on is yourself.” “Everyone has a passion and your passion should drive you to find your purpose,” explains Javicia. it’s your job to feed that purpose and develop your craft. That is what Javicia lives by. So keep your eyes and ears open for her present and her future. This young woman is on the move and making bold strides.

The editor was was raised as a pastor’s daughter in the city of Chicago and now resides in southern Illinois and is married to a minister. Don’t mistake her roles as a preacher’s kid (p.k.) and a preacher’s wife (p.k.) as a lack for awareness for what happens in the life of the average woman. She has had acquaintances and friendships over the years with women from all walks of life and the one thing that she has had in common with them all is her faith. Through those relationships she learned that everyone has moments of doubt, discouragement and even triumphs. The key is to have a connection to other believers so they can encourage each other through the ups and downs of life. That is what inspired her to create Nouveau Exposure Magazine. She has purposed to find other believers with testimonies of success after struggle, dreams coming to fruition by applying faith and action as well as lessons on self love. email address: SharondaCawthon@nouveauexposure.org