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Johana Hernandez: Faith, Fashion & Oh So Fabulous!

Celebrating our anniversary we wondered what woman embodied our motto to inspire our readers to be BOLD believers, BOLD dreamers and BOLD achievers. Johana Hernandez has taken on the fashion industry with grace, style and a dash of sass. She has done so without being ashamed of her faith and relationship with God. Needless to say, Johana was our choice and allow us to share why. 

Johana is a California native, raised by both her father and mother. During her childhood she noticed that her mother was very involved in ministry at their local church while her father, at the time, was more supportive of activities outside of church. Johana was baptized as a child at the young age of eight. She was involved in her church but as time moved on she became engaged in her extracurricular activities and was slowly pulled away from attending church on a regular basis.

By the time she was in high school her parents were involved in fashion as they worked long hours sewing denim for brands such as Guess, Gap and others to provide for the family. Johana learned early about sewing by watching her parents and became interested in fashion. Her creativity comes honest. Not only did she get her sewing foundation from her parents, but her grandmother (whom she never met) was a seamstress in El Salvador. So, it seems only natural that Johana would go into the fashion industry herself.

Johana & her mother

Johana had a strong desire to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing and recalls her parents doing whatever it took to make it happen even though it was out of their price range of affordability. Her father was encouraged by other family members to send Johana to a school they could afford but her father pushed to make Johana’s dream a reality. Johana went on to enroll in courses for school and was looking for employment to help her parents with the expense of her tuition and cost of living. She learned about a position as a merchandiser for a fashion company that she applied for and during her interview was told she was too talented for the merchandiser position and was hired as a lead designer. Her first collection appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Talk about God opening doors! Johana went on to work in the fashion industry by the age of 19  while attending courses at the school of her dreams. As life would have it, love was in the air not far after. Johana was living the dream. She had the job, the man and life was good. Right?!

Time moved on and Johana’s brother had rededicated his life to God and was hosting bible study at his home. From time to time Johana would attend. God began to show her that she needed to choose. By the age of 24 she was successful and considered herself to be a workaholic and was too much of a diva. “I knew that I needed to give myself to God completely,” said Johana. Johana learned to become a better person as God began to reveal her flaws in character. Her desires began to change. She became involved in church and made friends, but began to grow apart from her boyfriend and eventually the relationship ended.

Johana working with her bridal collection. Source: Instagram

Johana sees singleness as a time for development. What better thing to do than to pour yourself into your passion and work? Her passion is mission work and she has found a way to combine fashion and mission. Johana founded her own couture label, Glaudi, from her mother’s first name and Johana’s middle name. She often donates funds from her sales to help with mission projects in her local community and other countries. Glaudi has been worn by Amanda Booz, Sahsha Gates, Jackie Hernandez, Gina Rodriguez, Marisela De Montecristo and so many more as they have graced red carpets and stages. God also had something else in mind for Johana’s label. How many of you have experienced those moments where you know God has to have a sense of humor? Johana’s relationship with her boyfriend had ended and she was inspired to start a bridal line through her label, Glaudi. Okay God! She was recently recognized this past spring as the designer of the bridal gown for Jamie Grace. She designs custom gowns for her brides and prays for them and their marriage. These dresses are gorgeous and what an amazing heart to think of those who will wear them in prayer.

Johana knows that God continues to favor her over and over with opportunity after opportunity. “When I was younger I didn’t realize how awesome experiences were when they were happening. I still feel like the girl from Compton,” said Johana. She soaks in every moment now with gratitude and joy. In just a few days she will be presenting her line for Fashion Week in Paris and has launched a Miss Universe collection with the El Salvador Miss Universe representative, Marisela De Montecristo.

“I’ve gone from the hood to Hollywood and beyond,” said Johana. She encourages others to find a career or ministry that has a purpose and allows you to live out your passion. This is just the beginning for Johana Hernandez. Follow her on social media to keep up with everything Glaudi from the latest custom gowns and boutique styles to the bible studies in their stores.

The editor was was raised as a pastor’s daughter in the city of Chicago and now resides in southern Illinois and is married to a minister. Don’t mistake her roles as a preacher’s kid (p.k.) and a preacher’s wife (p.k.) as a lack for awareness for what happens in the life of the average woman. She has had acquaintances and friendships over the years with women from all walks of life and the one thing that she has had in common with them all is her faith. Through those relationships she learned that everyone has moments of doubt, discouragement and even triumphs. The key is to have a connection to other believers so they can encourage each other through the ups and downs of life. That is what inspired her to create Nouveau Exposure Magazine. She has purposed to find other believers with testimonies of success after struggle, dreams coming to fruition by applying faith and action as well as lessons on self love. email address: