Jameela Pruitt

Jameela Pruitt is the Founder and CEO of Daughters Lead, Inc. Her extensive career as an advisor and coach in higher education has afforded her the opportunity to indulge in her passion to change the lives of many women of all ages, shades, and backgrounds.  Building strong relationships has opened the door to educate, refine, and empower women into a life of intentional and purposeful living. Although her education, training, and professional experience have fully prepared her to embark on the journey of DL, Jameela values her personal life journey as the best teacher.  Her transparency about her own flaws, strengths, trials, and lessons learned, allows her to be relatable, yet authentic. As a result, her influence and approach to understanding where women are as they begin their journey to walking in divine purpose is where she begins to inspire them to activate their true identity and freedom in Christ.