Red Carpet Ready

by: Mz. Red Carpet
It’s that time again!!! The holidays are approaching and the festivities are beginning. The smell of chicken and dressing, mac & cheese and peach cobbler in the oven. Omg, is anybody else just as excited about Thanksgiving like I am? Christmas food, maybe? Okay, inner fat girl kicking in, #DontJudgeMe. Some of you may be attending holiday parties and want to step that makeup game up just a little bit more than normal.  Well, you’re in luck! I decided to give u a couple of makeup looks that you could recreate on your own. Let’s get started!
 Look #1
IMG_10821My brows were done using the Nyx pencil in “Dark Brown.” I used Mac’s NC40 concealer to sculpt my brow and it gave me a natural highlight. For my eyes I used the gold “get lucky” color from my friends over at Colourpop ( on my lid and in the crease (to smoke it out) I used color “straight Trippin” also from Colourpop. For the lashes I used the number 747M in the blue and clear case, you can purchase these from your local beauty supply. I primed my face with benefits “porefessional.” It helps to minimize those large pores. I also used my “calamine lotion” because it helps to keep my face matte. I have very oily skin and I hate looking like I just had someone pouring canola oil on me. As for my foundation, I used my Nars in “sheer glow” and for my highlight I simply used my favorite go to “Carnaval in Rio” by Fergie. That’s just to give me that dewey glow. When it comes to my lips I used Mac’s “Ruby Woo” partnered with Mac’s lip liner “Currant.” You can also change your lips to a nude color if you want depending on how festive you are feeling. I decided to go with the red for the holiday season. I topped off the look with my setting spray from Hard candy which can be found at your local Walmart. There you have it. Your day time holiday party look.

 Look #2

For the night time look I switched it up a bit. As you can see I kept everything the same except my eyes, highlight and contour. Night time is a bit different. You want to stand out and make a statement, or maybe that’s just me.  On my eyes I used a “deep green” from my Bh Cosmetics 88 Matte Pallette. To give me a little shimmer I used my finger and dappled my “Get lucky” gold color from Colourpop in the middle of my lid. For my eyeliner I used “Stila,” nothing major, but it can be purchased from Sephora. I highlighted under my eye and down the bridge of my nose (to give me that sleek and chiseled look) using LA Girl pro concealer in “Fawn”. To contour my face I used Mac’s “Blunt” which is actually a blush but it’s great for contouring. To set my under eye concealer I mixed my Ben Nye’s “Banana Powder and Camel” together. I did this because it gives me just the right coverage without causing a dusty appearance as if I just left the morgue or something.  I let it ‘bake’ on my face for about 15-20 minutes. You don’t have to let it sit that long, ten minutes is enough time. Once the baking process completed I took my makeup brush and dusted the remaining powder away and used a bronzer to top it off. For my overall face setting powder I used Black Opal’s “Medium.” I sprayed my Fix Plus setting spray to top everything off and there you have it.