Say No to Insecurity

There’s been a lot of talk lately concerning self-love and freedom in connection to our hair, or the lack thereof.  There’s been even more action attached to our words– we’re going back to the natural state of our hair and cutting it all off or doing big chops–from celebrities to everyday women such as myself.  Of course, we know women have been “going natural” and rocking short cuts for a long time now. However, the intentional reason behind it, I believe, has peeked to a new level lately with rhyme and reason.

I question if this refreshing breath of freedom is the recent birth of the understanding that we are fearfully and wonderfully made as the Bible tells us? Or could it be that we are tired of being swallowed by the lies that we’ve internalized and accepted concerning what is deemed to be the criteria for beauty? Or hopefully, we’ve come to the realization that we can never truly be liberated until we understand and receive the fact that being created in the image of God is the only prerequisite needed for us to be enough! Despite the truth that we were freely given dominion over the earth since the creation of man, we have allowed ourselves to be subjected to false images and seduced by the same world that we’ve been given power over.

Sound familiar? Our sister Eve. Yes, you know her–the one we give full credit to for our monthly cycles, labor pains, and the introducing sin into a pure world. She too was seduced by the thought and imagery of a false identity. She had everything she needed, yet insecurity and discontentment caused her to accept the offer of her disguised adversary. Sounds like us. So, it’s safe to say that the root of insecurity stems all the way from the seed that was planted in the Garden of Eden. Eve first showed her insecurities and lack of contentment with who God made her to be by biting the forbidden fruit. Check out Genesis 3:1-6–it’s clear at this very moment, Eve must have felt that she lacked something as a result of her desiring to be as God and have all wisdom. As many of us do, she was not satisfied with who God created her to be. And the lack of self-assurance and dependence on our Creator, caused her to forfeit her freedom. Sound familiar?

We bite the fruit every time we adopt the images depicted by the world of what we should look like; the list of expectations goes far beyond our appearances, but today it is the topic of choice. No matter how much we try to cater, reshape, engraft, and alter ourselves to fit a mold, we will never be good enough to a world that is intoxicated on fantasy and sensuality.

Aren’t we women of God? Why are we bogged down and bothered by worldly thoughts of people with scaled vision? Why do we choose to live in bondage? That sounds more like slavery than freedom and dominion to me–which we have already been given!

As I finger coil my new-found freedom from vanity and a skewed understanding of God’s perception of my own beauty, which I am certain that it has less to do with preference of hair and more to do with my heart and obedience, I still question if this is a long and overdue revelation. Is all the revisited conversation about the “big chop” a sign of self-realization founded on the Word of God that was breathed into Eve’s body and every sister that followed her. Or is cutting off our hair just a recycled movement, a fad, another bandwagon to jump on because it’s the “it” thing to do in this season and it looks good. If so, I still won’t frown upon a movement that may just be serving as a segue to everyone learning to love their natural state and reclaiming their identity by crushing the expectations of the world’s shallow perspective of beauty. The nerve of the world to drown us with their opinion and how gullible of us to believe it!

Whatever it may be, choose to identify yourself the way God has skillfully made you and refuse to fall in formation with the conditioning of the world’s standards of who “they” think you should be. Be who you are– beautiful and crafted by the hands of God.

Written in Love,