Shanta Atkins: from the Background to the Forefront

Shanta Atkins began singing at the tender age of eight and hasn’t stopped since. She is coming on the scene as a solo artist in the gospel genre. In 2015 she released her self-written single, “I Will Follow” on SoundCloud. Not too long after that the song became available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google play.

Shanta received experience by singing background for album recordings as well as touring during her down time from school beginning at the age of 14. She has sung with Jason Champion, Yolanda Adams and of course her older sisters, Mary Mary. Shanta admits that she originally began doing background vocals to make extra money but later realized how much she enjoyed singing.

When asked if she learned anything from her time as a background singer that has helped her now as a solo artist Shanta shared that ultimately, she wants to represent the one she sings about, God. She believes there is a level of integrity and other characteristics that should be exemplified in her actions. She also keeps in mind the example that her older siblings (Erica and Tina Campbell) have set for her in regards to how to handle certain situations, having a strong work ethic and more.

If you are wondering what’s next for Shanta, wonder no longer. She did reveal that she will have an EP released this summer. The producers for this project are Gregory Edwards (who produced her single “I Will Follow”), Michael “Baby Boy Music” Henry, and Warryn Campbell.

Shanta uses the platform that she has as a singer to bring awareness to issues that are important to her. Not only is her EP in the works, but you should be on the lookout for a song from Shanta titled “Internal Bleeder”. This song raises awareness about the realities of those who silently battle depression, anxiety, and suicide. She is passionate about these topics and desires for there to be more dialogue regarding these issues in the church and outside of the church.

Singing as a solo artist was not something that Shanta always set out to do, but it is something that God showed her he had for her. Yes, she has been blessed to sing on many stages but she also frequently sings in convalescent homes, runs music programs at group homes for young girls, and sings on foreign mission trips to orphanages across the world. From her willingness to use the gift that God has given to her she found the door God had for her as a solo artist. Her advice to you, our readers, is to seek God for direction on what you should be doing in life. The backwards way of life is to come up with a plan and ask God to help you but Shanta believes that if you seek God he will give you the plan no matter how small or great the task.

If you want to see her live you can catch Shanta during the 2017 Stellar Award Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 24th at the We Got Next event along with Livre`, Jai and K. Ross. For more information on appearances you can follow her on Instagram at itsshantaatkins or check out her website at www.shantaatkins.com.

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