Shop with Carla: What’s At Rue

Hey ladies! Am I the only one starting to feel like the malls are no longer catering to me? Me as in my 30 to 40ish self? Well, over the next few months we will take a look at what’s in store for the average sized woman between 30-45.

My recent visit was to Rue 21 located in the University Mall in Carbondale, Illinois. I typically do not shop at Rue 21, occasionally for sandals or small odds and ends. However, this time I decided to take a deeper look into what they offer. First, this particular Rue 21 reminded me of a teenage girl’s room….clothes, shoes, and accessories everywhere! Yet, I digress.

As I rummaged through racks of clothing (high and low), I started to find pieces that could be suitable for someone of my age, shape, and size. But I could also see why it’s easy to walk past this store. Let’s face it, the models in the window are super skinny and tall. The outfits displayed screamed eighteen, and I don’t know too many 40 year olds wanting to show off their belly button! But could it be possible for a working mother of my age to find outfits that were fashion forward, comfortable, and age appropriate? Let’s see…

I found two jumpers with a bit of a surprise on the side. Both jumpers had slits on the side, I guess I could call this a drumper (dress and a jumper). I knew I had pants on, but it had the feel of a dress. Super comfy, easy to manage, and stylish.  You could wear either jumper with a sandal or a wedge. Both could be dressed up or down. I also liked that for the woman that might want a little bit more coverage, a cami could be added or lightweight sweater.

dee felton photography

My favorite outfit was the orangey red floral capri jumper set. Ladies! This look was adorable; the sleeves could be worn off or on the shoulders.  This outfit is very functional, as far as being able to wear it at diverse occasions/events.

dee felton photography

The yellow jogger suit, was everything I hoped it to be. The color was beautiful and the ease of movement was just as wonderful.  

dee felton photography

Funny story alert! While shopping at Rue 21, two older women came in and asked the sales associate if they sold culottes. The store went quiet, and for a split moment you could see the brain of the sale associate trying to register or picture a culotte (culotte??? What is a culotte?). Well, immediately I jumped into action and pointed the women into the direction of the capri pants. Same thing only decades a part (insert laughing emoji). These blue jean capri/culottes are ageless! I love how fashion makes a full circle. I believe every woman should own at least one pair.

dee felton photography

So, the next time you want to walk on by Rue 21, I dare you to walk in and take a look. Yes, you feel like you just entered into your daughter’s bedroom, and you will initially have the urge to yell, “Clean up” or “Turn that music down”, but you are sure to find some really cute, age appropriate trinkets.