Summer Fitness for a Summer Body

What time is it?  It’s spring/summer time.  This is the time where we want to wear shorts, sundresses, sleeveless shirts and swimming suits.  Are you ready? If you aren’t, that is perfectly okay. You can start this journey any day of the week.  Now, let’s discuss how you can reach your goals as the weather warms up.

Previously I gave tips on how we can workout at home or on the go.  What are some of the things we can do outside now that the weather is warming up?  There are sooo many options of things we can do for the first time or just very simple things that will get us to reach out goals.

  • Walk.  Walking is the simplest thing we can do.  Some of you may find it boring, but honestly it is one of the most relaxing exercises I do.  I love to walk. When walking, I love to wear headphones. For safety precaution, when running or walking and wearing headphones, make sure you don’t have both of your ears covered up.  Leave one ear uncovered to hear you surroundings. You never know what is happening behind you and you need to be able to hear if someone or something is coming up behind you.
  • Swimming.  If you have access to a swimming pool it is a great opportunity for resistance water exercises.  Some swimming pools have adult only sessions. If you can’t swim, it’s okay. You can run in the water for resistance.  It is amazing the amount of resistance water gives when you are moving in it.
  • Mountain climbing.  If there is a mountain in your area, take a chance, grab a friend and go hiking.  In North Carolina there are a number of mountains you can trail. The fresh air does wonders for the brain.  This is a great opportunity to walk with friends and have a great time getting in your cardio. Walking a mountain also works your legs, glutes (butt) and abs.  When walking upward, take breaks if you need to. Walk up as much as you can, if you can’t walk to the top, turn around and walk back down. Each time you walk up, try to walk a little further.
  • Multipurpose Equipment.  Find a bench at the park and do bench push-ups, squats, leg raises, bench climbers (mountain climbers using the bench) and step ups.  If you want to do something fun with your children, play leapfrog. If there are stairs nearby, walk up and down the stairs. If you live close to a beach or have access to sand, walk or run in the sand.  Last but not least, grab your jump rope.
  • Last but not least, find an outdoor fitness class.  There are a number of yoga or HIIT classes you can join that are outdoors.

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Zhivi Williams, earned a Master’s of Education from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte in Charlotte, NC and a Master’s of Theological Studies from Hood Theological Seminary in Salisbury, NC. In addition, Miss. Williams is a NASM certified Women’s Fitness and Nutrition Specialist. She is a motivational speaker, author, and owner of Leading by Example, whose mission is to inspire change through health, wellness and fitness. She is also the founder of Passion Driven, a non-profit organization that promotes women’s health and wellness through educational events. Miss. Williams is also the founder of the Women’s Health & Fitness Day, hosted in Charlotte, NC. Miss Williams has over 30 years of experience in fitness. She has remained on the cutting edge of the health, wellness and fitness industry by developing training programs, meal plans, writing magazine articles and books, developing strategic partnerships to help individuals increase their personal health and provides personal training to assist individuals in improving their lives. Follow her on Instagram at lbxfitness.