Syleecia Thompson

Dr. Syleecia Thompson is deemed  a serial entrepreneur. She has always wanted to have multiple streams of income. Syleecia considers herself fortunate to work in a field that she has experience and education to back up. She focuses on four areas; education, entertainment, empowerment and entrepreneurship. She is a professor at Berkley College and Monroe College. She received her entertainment experience as her sister Syleena’s business manager and road manager.

In moments  when she needs inspiration she tells herself: Galatians 6:9

Her degree studies have allotted her to have the education background for business. From all of these avenues she has taken her knowledge to offer coaching for branding and business. All in all, she has 12 streams of income.
When it comes to business Syleecia believes it’s important to consider the person while trying to close a deal. She takes biblical principles and applies them to her business endeavors and strives to be honest with her clients and partners. In all that she does she tries to stay grounded and gain insight and encouragement reading books and scriptures as well as watching streams of Bishop T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen.

The drive to have the various forms of income doesn’t come from wanting more money. Syleecia experienced the death of her daughter, in September of 2013, after carrying her for seven months.  She ended up on disability for some time and experienced a hit with her income. She realized then that had it not been for other forms of income she could have been in financial ruin. Because of her experience she encourages others, especially women,  to have at least three to four forms of income.

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She realizes that there are opinions that the economy is not in favor of entrepreneurs. Syleecia mentioned, “people are still struggling, but it’s a mindset.” Syleecia believes that everyone is capable of taking what they are great at and making it work for them to bring in a stream of income. A person should have a mindset that they are going to take what they love and have a passion and purpose for to create an income source. “You can’t be great at everything, but you can be great at one thing and that can be your main source,” said Syleecia.
Syleecia offers tips and lessons to people of all backgrounds and income brackets. She has camps, courses, conferences and more to share her knowledge and work with others. In fact, she did share that her next camp, Business and Branding Boot Camp, will be on October 25th. For more information or to register, click the link ->

Cool Facts About Syleecia Thompson

  • She is the sister of R&B singer Syleena Johnson  
  • Her Client lis includes Black Fitness Today Magazine & Dr. Ivan


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