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    Glow On Baby!!!

    Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! Let’s talk! Can we say il-lu-mi-nate!  Yes, we can! (in my best Sherman Klump voice). It’s that icy, blue, rose gold, golden, bronze, copper hue just to name a few that we adorn out cheek bones, foreheads, chins, noses, inner tear duct and upper lips with. Some of us have also began to mix our loose powder illuminators in body lotions and in setting sprays to bronze our bodies (if you haven’t done that yet, you can and you should). It’s a money saving tip to avoid purchasing expensive illuminating body products unless you choose to. Illuminating products can also be purchased in liquid oil and stick…

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    Shape It Up

    Let’s talk about serving face! We can serve face in many different forms and fashions. We can serve face in a natural and simplistic way, we can serve face in a glamorous way and we can serve face in an over the top fabulous way. All forms are beautiful works of art and our face is the canvas. One aspect of serving face is how we conceal or highlight our face. Concealer is what we put on our faces after we have applied our foundation to draw attention to certain parts of our face. It helps create structure. Ideally, we conceal under our eyes, our foreheads, chins and under our…

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    Discovered Beauty

    Kayla Reed didn’t spend year after year during her childhood dreaming of winning a pageant. She was bullied for her appearance and was not strong in her self confidence as a child. She remembers being embarrassed for being bullied. She continued from grade school through high school and on to college. Just before the end of her last year as an undergraduate her mother passed three months before her graduation. Kayla graduated from college at Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Mass Communications. She went on to pursue her professional career spending four years in South Korea and since…

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    BE_you_T_Ful Brows

    Let’s say a little prayer before we get started. Why!? Because this subject is a sensitive one. What I will share with you is a very much needed aspect of our beauty regimen, yet it is often discounted as a cheap trick. When it’s not overlooked, let’s say, uuhhmm (clears throat) it can be handled with much disrespect and lack of care. What in the world are you talking about, you might ask? The Infamous Eyebrow!!! (dun dun dun).