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8 in 2018

We are midway into year 3 as Nouveau Exposure Magazine and we have seen so many people making moves that sometimes it is impossible to feature them all. So this month we decided to bring you our 8 in 2018 list. Here is a list of individuals or groups you should be following and/or supporting whether by social media or their business. Let the countdown begin!!!


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#8 Darlyshia Menzie 

For those of you who are faithful Nouveau followers, you may recall Darlyshia wrote a few inspirational pieces some time ago. Well, she has taken her gift of encouragement to another platform and in 2017 released her first book, At the End of Me: A Journey of Identity and Self-esteem. She has been seen at various events and conferences sharing as God graces her to do so. If you want to hear the transparent and encouraging words from this young woman of God do yourself a favor and follow her on social media (@theferventservant) or check out her website www.ferventservant.life


#7 Simone Yael #6 Olamide Giwa

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[source: instagram]








Simone and Olamide are besties who have known each other since their college days at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale. While they live hundreds of miles from each other now, their journeys happen to be on the rise at the same time. Talk about soul sisters! Simone is located in the area of St. Louis, MO and has embarked on the world of fashion. She is the founder and executive director of Creator. the brand as well as a designer/stylist. Keep an eye out for her work. While you’re keeping an eye our for Simone…be sure to catch her bestie, Olamide, as well. She ventured to the west coast world of Los Angeles, CA nearly several years ago and this talented woman is a dancer, hair stylist and model. She was recently blessed with the opportunity to serve as a hairstylist to Solange.  Solange displayed her braids in a 2017 issue of the Evening Standard Magazine. Who know what 2018 holds for these two gal pals?! Follow them both on social media (@heysimoneyael and @_lamilam_ ).



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#5 Leah Armwood

Leah Armwood is a Chicago native who has survived a life of abuse since her childhood and broken relationship after broken relationship as a young woman. She was gifted to express herself through poetry and song writing between the ages of 7 and 9. That gift has brought her to her present where she has endeavored on a journey to have a career in the gospel music industry. But it doesn’t stop there. She will be releasing her book this year titled “The Weight Is Over.” A testimony like Leah’s is one that should be read far and wide. Be sure to keep up with her via her website, www.leaharmwood.com


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#4 Ti Nicole Danridge

Ti Nicole Danridge is another Chicago native. Go ChiTown! She has always shown a passion for theater and drama. She has been seen in countless performances and in the Midwest entertainment city of Chicago she was cast on an episode of Chicago P.D. playing Kayla in 2016 and in 2017 she acted, wrote, directed and produced a short film, Plow. In February this short film will be viewed at the Indie Night Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA. Follow her on social media (@blacktress_mommy) to keep up with all the excitement for her latest project and what else is in store for this woman on the move!



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#3 Cameo Profit & 1 Way

Cameo Profit has an AMAZING testimony of overcoming a whirlwind of self-destruction, the abandonment of “friends” and finding God’s grace as he moved forward for a fresh start. God’s hand never left him through all that he has endured and his testimony rings through the lyrics of his music performed by the group he leads, One Way. They have one project under their belt and will be releasing their new project this year titled Resurrected. Revived. Reloaded. Do yourself a favor and follow this group. Their first project, Speak to Your Day was wonderful and we eagerly anticipate their return. 



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#2 LXW Chicago

We have featured LXW Chicago in the past but this group has moved on to do so much more since our last mention of them, we thought it was only fair to suggest you follow them in 2018 so you won’t miss anything! This youthful and anointed group of singers is spreading the love and welcoming dancers to join their ministry. They have been hosting a weekly radio show and it is broadcast through their Facebook account as well for a live feed where you can interact with the hosts and their guest. Catch the train while you can because they are going places!


#1 Theresa Mosley

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Theresa Mosley has been awarded our number one spot! Why? She owns the first black owned cosmetology school in Grand Rapids, MI (Mosley School of Cosmetology) because of God and she doesn’t hesitate to share her testimony with anyone. She wants the world to know how much God has blessed her and she is fully aware that without God ordaining every step and every choice she would not be where she is today. Theresa has gone from searching for a way to make a living and attending undergrad to using her gift of doing hair to make extra money on the side. Little did she know, God had a plan. She eventually became licensed to be a hair stylist, made thousands upon thousands before age 30 only for life circumstances to cause all of that financial gain to go away.  She didn’t let that stop her. She kept the faith and believed God for his promises to her. Theresa eventually obtained a degree in business and became credentialed to teach cosmetology classes. While she held a dream of opening her own school she did not have experience teaching. While volunteering at her church putting her business degree skills in action she was offered a position at a school in Grand Rapids where she would gain experience teaching and learn the ropes from the owner of the school. God had different plans. At the same time she was offered a position from her church by her pastor. After praying she accepted the position at the church. We are sure you have heard the saying delay is not denial, and Theresa learned it’s not denial at all. God began to move her towards her current blessing of not only opening her own school, but being able to purchase the school she was once offered employment. Talk about God ordained!!! 

Nouveau Exclusive with Married at First Sight’s Sheila Duhon

Love Through the Eyes of God

by: Anise Marshall


The drowning sound of a beating drum grows faster, now louder. You clench the neck of your pajama shirt to discover the unrelenting pounding was the sound of your heart. The struggle to saturate your waterless mouth prompts you to reach for the night stand, only to find a phone that won’t stop ringing. Sit up, close your eyes once more, and use the cusp of your wrist, to clear the gooey mascara and lashes from your eye lids. You stretch your hands through the air, place them on the ball of your frigid, yet saturated cheeks and slide them to the back of your neck. Breath in. Then out. My mornings won’t always be like this, you think. It is 4:30am. Time to go to war.


Sheila Duhon has fought so many battles in her life and discovered, not too long ago, that a prayer room has been her gift from God. We’ve all had those morning where it has been difficult to wake up because of an overwhelming anxiety about something hard, something exciting, a bad feeling, a desire to change your relationship with Christ or even divorce. She has had to dabble in a bit of all these emotions for the past few years and it has truly transformed her relationship with God.



Sheila, as you are aware of, decided to trust God and “Get Married at First Sight.” Married at First Sight’s intent, was to create compatible couples based on scientific matchmaking with a team of specialists. The team, that they describe as experts, consists of a sociologist, relationship and communication expert and a marriage counselor, who happens to be a pastor. Not only do the couples meet for the first time at the altar, the struggle for their marriage is recorded to document their own unique journeys. They have several weeks, that are constantly being documented, to decide if the marriage will work or if they will separate. This seems to capture a unique struggle and success along the way as each couple goes through their own personal journey. Trusting God, for most of us, does not always imply that things will go the way you thought. Isaiah 55:8-9 in New International Version (NIV) says: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Her hope was that this would be the beginning of something great. She truly thought this would be “it,” because marriage was always what she desired and she prayed for. Sheila described it as a covenant that weighed heavily on her heart.


In a world that loves, lives and thrives on negativity, it can be very challenging and intimidating to be the lighthouse God intends for us to be. Sheila took on that duty when she said, “I DO.” From the very beginning of the show, she made it known that her faith in God was what she wanted to be the base of her marriage. She uses her platform to share the gospel of the Lord. Sheila’s marriage did not take the turn she hoped for, but we will get to that later in her story.

Something Hard

Sheila’s worst fears, throughout her life, was not living to her full potential and prior to the ending of her marriage it was not being the wife that God wants her to be. Do you know that God will test your fears even when they are the desires of your heart? According to the Bible, James 1:2-4, says:Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”

Sheila’s Thoughts

“Marriage exposes you. It is a journey where you have to decide to roll up your sleeves, even when you’re not excited about it. Every day is not happy. You have to enter a marriage with a wholeness from the beginning so that you are not expecting someone else to feel a void. Getting married, the way we did, presents so many struggles already, so being added in the public eye makes it even more difficult. We had to face something most couples don’t have to experience in the beginning, and that’s being in the public eye. We both, I think, underestimated the spiritual attack against our marriage. We would, most times, default to prayer. Some weeks ago, I created a war room (This is a room dedicated to awakening your inner prayer warrior). I created it because I wanted to have intentional prayer with God and sacrifice my time to show God how serious I was. I needed this to fight for my marriage and for me. It was about figuring things out—because we were in different places in our lives, we were dealing with different issues. We brought in expectations, previous hurt and different insecurities. I knew that if I wanted to be who God called me to be, I needed to address my relationship with God.“

Something Exciting

Sheila woke up, much like what we described at the beginning of the article. This was a new and exciting part of her journey. She was getting married to someone she had never met. Sheila was raised in the church and describes the beginning of her life as being a “pew baby.” Her thoughts of marriage were a covenant that she held close to her heart. She prayed for her husband before the show and even had experiences in the church that led her to believe that being married would be a good thing. She recalls a time before her wedding where she had been prophesied over. “God says your relationship will be the real thing. He will bless you,” she recalls the prophet saying to her. She stood in her wedding gown, ready to marry a stranger and felt at ease and at peace with it because she knew that it was what God had gifted her. She was not sure of the way her marriage would unfold but constantly told herself, “Lord I trust you!” This is the very “anthem” that has gotten Sheila through the good, the bad and the ugly. “I was beyond hopeful. My whole thing was that I felt at ease. I was nervous when I got married because I knew that with prophesy, it also comes to warn. I decided, though, it is well with my soul.”  She described her wedding as the most beautiful, authentic and sincere thing that she had ever been a part of.   

A Bad Feeling

4:30am. This was the time Sheila set aside for her prayer. She was committed to this. Her marriage had become so difficult to handle. Yes, she relied heavily on prayer, but she could not sleep. While Sheila was taping for the show, she had a scene where she called her husband out of his name. She called him, in less disparaging terms, a female Dog. It was a moment of weakness and, as Sheila would describe, “walking in my flesh.” She hated that she had publicly disrespected him and says she will forever regret that moment. “You can’t undo but you can choose to not repeat.” (This was something that she would have to revisit and decide on days later.) “The bad and ugly are me. The good, that’s GOD! Even with the show, it showed that God is who He says regardless of our shortcomings. When you truly surrender, God can do things we can’t.” She still recalled the prophecy that she was truly starting to think was a warning. “I think God paired our souls. It was bigger than us. It helped us to be the people God called us to be. We will persevere no matter what. I have to keep going and praying because I meant forever on that altar.”

A Desire to Strengthen in the Lord

Psalm 9:9-10 says “The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.” Psalm 34:10 “Even the strong young lion sometimes goes hungry, but those who trust in the Lord will lack no good thing.” Psalm 34:17 “When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears, and rescues them from all their troubles.” These are a few scriptures I could see being along the corners of Sheila’s prayer room. “God, I want to live the life You have for me.” Sheila uses every platform she has had access to to share the Love of God. “Anything I post, is not only meant to encourage others, it first encourages me. This is why I share my struggles and my joy with everyone, so they know that it is authentically me.” Sheila expressed her desire to be close to God no matter what path that has for her life. She has adopted the mantra, “It is well with my soul.” She says it is this saying that helps her draw closer to the presence of the Lord.     



“Sometimes the fouls in life, all of the wrongs that have been done to you in your relationships, if you just trust, the vision will come back and lead you directly in your purpose.” Sheila looked back over her marriage with her husband and decided that bitterness was not a characteristic she wanted to radiate. “Hurt people, hurt people.” She decided that she no longer wanted to make the same mistakes she made in the past. She admits, though, when she found out about her husband’s infidelity and unwillingness to salvage the marriage she wanted to discredit him.  She knew that belittling him, from past experiences, wasn’t the answer. She would never diminish him again. Instead, she decided that she would just publicly end their marriage. When looking back on who she became in the marriage, she described a woman who sounded broken but healed. “I must say, I was extremely guarded and I would retreat and throw up walls with anger. I made a decision that I would not love him based on how he made me feel. I would love him through his flaws regardless of the situation. The events happened. I loved him and still do. I refuse to say bad things even if he no longer wants the marriage. My great grandmother told me that ‘love is an action word, even through divorce.’ I legit got married for forever. I have been fighting since the alter and honeymoon. I have made mistakes of saying things in the past, but it was my husband that broke those vows. I love me and I am excited about my future. I am who God says I am and I am ready to walk into the calling on my life. It’s time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life.”


When asked what advice she would give to women battling with infidelity in their marriage, Sheila had this to say: “ I think it is important to fight for marriages. Divorce is not the remedy for everyone in every situation. If you have two people who are willing, you can come back from infidelity, but it takes two to bring it together. I don’t doubt that God will allow you to come back from situations. Everyone’s story is different. I don’t look at my failed marriage as failing God. We are supposed to experience things. Free will sometimes voids out our desires. Marriage is still worth fighting for. I think my husband is a good person and has great potential, but we were in vastly different places. My husband was younger than me. People make mistakes. My husband just should have made better choices. One mistake does not paint the portrait of a person’s whole picture. Our marriage…our story, was raw from the very beginning. Although it is not ideal, it is still a story that people can learn from. Even if you are hurting, build your husband up and take it to him. Don’t be guarded. I am not in a place of bitterness I am holding on to my hope. I am not living in the ‘what if’s’ and owning my moment…hoping tomorrow will be better than yesterday.”


When asked about continuing her relationship with her husband’s brother, Tyrique, Sheila only said that she would respect the boundaries set by him and that he would always be a brother to her. Sheila feels that learning about the infidelities in the marriage made her stronger for the next chapter in her life. “This marriage exposed my weaknesses and fears, previous hurt and forced me to deal with it and dig deep. I am in counseling and I think it’s helping me to be the best person I can be. I’ve done this through my brokenness. You don’t know how strong you are until it’s your only option. I know that I am worth it. I won’t let anyone dictate my value. I am still the daughter of a king adjusting my crown. The Bible says that people without a vision will perish. We depend on things to help fulfill our vision. Sometimes God will strip you of the thing you thought your vision was intertwined in. God showed me that this is well with my soul. My vision is not what I said, but is on God. I am yielding to the will of God. I am finding comfort in GOD. “ When asked if any of the “experts” reached out to her when she publicly ended her marriage, Sheila informed me that Rachel, the relationship and communication expert, was the only one who did.

Hopes for the Future

“I am excited for my future. Although there is a new sadness there and it will be an adjustment, there are still so many things that I have to look forward to. I’m excited for my book, career and looking forward to meeting the love of my life. God does not make mistakes. I want to travel and have children. I still will NEVER denounce the name of God. just like Job who had been through so much, I still choose to believe that God has a purpose for my life. I have started a blog and it’s amazing! I am also writing a book that I started when I was 18. I am really excited to finish writing and publish within a year. It’s about a girl who grew up in the church and grows into a woman who is finding her place in this world. It is not an autobiography.”


Nouveau Exposure magazine is for women who are bold believers and bold achievers. When Sheila was asked about the things that make her a bold believer and achiever, she simply said: “I am bold in my faith because I realize all good things come from the Father and I can only achieve that with Him. It is easier to be bold in your faith when you haven’t been through anything. The standing of the test comes from trials. Regardless if people like me, and follow me on social media, my only request is to first follow God!” Sheila Duhon sends out so many encouraging posts via social media. Her most popular following is on Instagram at handle @happyfromwithin. She engages with most of her followers and is an inspiration to all that she meets! 1 Peter 4:8 “Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.” I encourage you all to love despite circumstance and know that your steps are ordained by the most High!

Proverbs 31 featuring Tanikia ‘Niki’ Carpenter

This issue our Proverbs 31 woman is non other than the inspiring Tanikia “Nikki” Carpenter. She is the writer for the blog Nikki and the City, author of “When God Said Yes” and “The 30 Day Man Fast” as well as a columnist for Jet Magazine. Yes, Jet Magazine still exists. She has taken her talent/gift and put it to use to encourage others and while her journey to get to this point in her life has been eventful, she is not done yet.

Upon the opportunity to speak with Mrs. Carpenter she expressed that the books she has authored were written to share her story from her personal journey of abstaining from interaction with men in 2013 for one month, as she felt led by God to do so, to learning to surrender to God’s plan for her life. The books have, at times, been mistaken as literature that will give guaranteed steps to finding a husband but the intention is to encourage single women to reconnect with God and take their focus off of being in a relationship.

Mrs. Carpenter explained that her books have become a standard that she must hold herself to, especially when it comes to issues that many are challenged with in regards to being anxious about what the future holds. She wants to be sure that she holds herself accountable and lives up to the standard that she encourages her readers and followers to do as well.

Throughout all the excitement since the release of her books in September 2015 and launching a book tour Mrs. Carpenter has found that balance is a challenge for her life during this season. She believes she is not alone but daily finds herself wondering how to balance fulfilling all of her roles in life and maintaining a strong spiritual relationship with God. Let’s face it. You’re not keeping it one hundred if you can’t relate.

When facing challenges, support is vital. Mrs. Carpenter says that her support comes from family. She has her husband and others to assist her when it comes to shipping packages for the items that she offers from her books to a fresh t-shirt design that was recently released.

Even though she see’s her family as a great support, she couldn’t be at this point to share her testimony with others without Mr. Carpenter coming along. In reference to her husband, Mrs. Carpenter said, “He is literally my inspiration for the books.” She gives credit to her husband for being her partner as they work to build together to accomplish goals. They don’t see each other’s dreams as his and hers, but ours.