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8 in 2018

We are midway into year 3 as Nouveau Exposure Magazine and we have seen so many people making moves that sometimes it is impossible to feature them all. So this month we decided to bring you our 8 in 2018 list. Here is a list of individuals or groups you should be following and/or supporting whether by social media or their business. Let the countdown begin!!!


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#8 Darlyshia Menzie 

For those of you who are faithful Nouveau followers, you may recall Darlyshia wrote a few inspirational pieces some time ago. Well, she has taken her gift of encouragement to another platform and in 2017 released her first book, At the End of Me: A Journey of Identity and Self-esteem. She has been seen at various events and conferences sharing as God graces her to do so. If you want to hear the transparent and encouraging words from this young woman of God do yourself a favor and follow her on social media (@theferventservant) or check out her website www.ferventservant.life


#7 Simone Yael #6 Olamide Giwa

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[source: instagram]








Simone and Olamide are besties who have known each other since their college days at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale. While they live hundreds of miles from each other now, their journeys happen to be on the rise at the same time. Talk about soul sisters! Simone is located in the area of St. Louis, MO and has embarked on the world of fashion. She is the founder and executive director of Creator. the brand as well as a designer/stylist. Keep an eye out for her work. While you’re keeping an eye our for Simone…be sure to catch her bestie, Olamide, as well. She ventured to the west coast world of Los Angeles, CA nearly several years ago and this talented woman is a dancer, hair stylist and model. She was recently blessed with the opportunity to serve as a hairstylist to Solange.  Solange displayed her braids in a 2017 issue of the Evening Standard Magazine. Who know what 2018 holds for these two gal pals?! Follow them both on social media (@heysimoneyael and @_lamilam_ ).



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#5 Leah Armwood

Leah Armwood is a Chicago native who has survived a life of abuse since her childhood and broken relationship after broken relationship as a young woman. She was gifted to express herself through poetry and song writing between the ages of 7 and 9. That gift has brought her to her present where she has endeavored on a journey to have a career in the gospel music industry. But it doesn’t stop there. She will be releasing her book this year titled “The Weight Is Over.” A testimony like Leah’s is one that should be read far and wide. Be sure to keep up with her via her website, www.leaharmwood.com


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#4 Ti Nicole Danridge

Ti Nicole Danridge is another Chicago native. Go ChiTown! She has always shown a passion for theater and drama. She has been seen in countless performances and in the Midwest entertainment city of Chicago she was cast on an episode of Chicago P.D. playing Kayla in 2016 and in 2017 she acted, wrote, directed and produced a short film, Plow. In February this short film will be viewed at the Indie Night Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA. Follow her on social media (@blacktress_mommy) to keep up with all the excitement for her latest project and what else is in store for this woman on the move!



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#3 Cameo Profit & 1 Way

Cameo Profit has an AMAZING testimony of overcoming a whirlwind of self-destruction, the abandonment of “friends” and finding God’s grace as he moved forward for a fresh start. God’s hand never left him through all that he has endured and his testimony rings through the lyrics of his music performed by the group he leads, One Way. They have one project under their belt and will be releasing their new project this year titled Resurrected. Revived. Reloaded. Do yourself a favor and follow this group. Their first project, Speak to Your Day was wonderful and we eagerly anticipate their return. 



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#2 LXW Chicago

We have featured LXW Chicago in the past but this group has moved on to do so much more since our last mention of them, we thought it was only fair to suggest you follow them in 2018 so you won’t miss anything! This youthful and anointed group of singers is spreading the love and welcoming dancers to join their ministry. They have been hosting a weekly radio show and it is broadcast through their Facebook account as well for a live feed where you can interact with the hosts and their guest. Catch the train while you can because they are going places!


#1 Theresa Mosley

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Theresa Mosley has been awarded our number one spot! Why? She owns the first black owned cosmetology school in Grand Rapids, MI (Mosley School of Cosmetology) because of God and she doesn’t hesitate to share her testimony with anyone. She wants the world to know how much God has blessed her and she is fully aware that without God ordaining every step and every choice she would not be where she is today. Theresa has gone from searching for a way to make a living and attending undergrad to using her gift of doing hair to make extra money on the side. Little did she know, God had a plan. She eventually became licensed to be a hair stylist, made thousands upon thousands before age 30 only for life circumstances to cause all of that financial gain to go away.  She didn’t let that stop her. She kept the faith and believed God for his promises to her. Theresa eventually obtained a degree in business and became credentialed to teach cosmetology classes. While she held a dream of opening her own school she did not have experience teaching. While volunteering at her church putting her business degree skills in action she was offered a position at a school in Grand Rapids where she would gain experience teaching and learn the ropes from the owner of the school. God had different plans. At the same time she was offered a position from her church by her pastor. After praying she accepted the position at the church. We are sure you have heard the saying delay is not denial, and Theresa learned it’s not denial at all. God began to move her towards her current blessing of not only opening her own school, but being able to purchase the school she was once offered employment. Talk about God ordained!!! 

New Duo One Reason

Name a male gospel duo that has hit the scene since Dawkins and Dawkins. I’ll wait. (insert crickets) That’s right, you probably can’t name any. Well, now you can add One Reason to your list.


Lamarr Lyons and DJon Johnson have had a whirlwind of a year in 2017 and they aren’t letting go of that momentum. Together they have close to 20 years experience in the gospel music industry. Lamarr began singing background at the age of seven from choirs to gospel and country artists as well as arranging music. DJon connected to the music industry at the age of 16. He gained experience doing background vocals and assisting with production.


Lamarr and DJon began working together in 2016 singing background as well as writing, arranging and producing. Earlier this year they found themselves working on a song for an artist and God began to deal with them both about embarking on a new journey and recording the song themselves. How many of you know when God gives a call, you should be obedient and answer with yes?! Lamarr and DJon gave God a yes! They purposed to keep it real with their lyrics, break boundaries with their sound and produce music that will change your life as well as please the ear. They agreed to record the song, and just this past summer they released their debut single, “You Are.” This song has not only played in the United States, but has streamed internationally in countries such as the United Kingdom and Nigeria.


It has not been a fairytale full of rainbows and sunshine. They definitely went back and forth on going forward with moving together as One Reason versus continuing alone on the paths they were already on. Eventually they did make the choice to work together. The connection between the two of them and the balance that each one brings to the other from a creativity to personality is what makes everything come together so well. Have they had challenges? Yes. Has it been easy? No. Do they work through those moments? Of course! They both learned something from this new endeavor. DJon’s advice to others, “Don’t ever second guess what God is trying to tell you to do.” He believes that God doesn’t intend for you to be defeated. God’s direction is a set up for something greater. “What you think you aren’t qualified for, is what God can give you the tools to accomplish,” said Lamarr.


They haven’t dropped the ball. They have been very busy. Check out their crazy and comedic moments on their YouTube show OneReasonTV. They share from their adventures in L.A., performance appearances and more. Keep an ear our for their mixtape, “Loyalty”, set to release just before the holiday.


Carrington Nakwaasah: Tale of A Daddy’s Girl

Carrington and her Father, Kirk Franklin.
Photo provided by Carrington.

Through reality television and social media, we have been welcomed into the lives of so many people, from the average Joe and Josephine to Mary Mary and John & Aventer Gray. There is one person who has made their mark on the hearts of many through song and word. They have drawn the attention of the churched and unchurched from all over the world. Who, you may ask? Your cousin, your nephew, the living legend… Kirk Franklin. While he has yet to have a reality show, he has offered transparency through countless testimonies and song for over 20 years. Through social media he has welcomed fans and foes into his life experiences. One thing you can gather from paying attention to the things he shares with the public is that his family is important to him.  Who better to share about the impact he has had in their life than his daughter, Carrington Nakwaasah?

Carrington is the eldest daughter in the Franklin family. She truly cherishes the relationship she has with her father. While the world may see him for his gifts, talents and fame; she sees him as daddy. Carrington knows that God has been able to use her father’s music to have an impact on the lives of others and just as many of you, she has been in awe of how amazing those moments have been.  Over the years his music has impacted the lives of so many people. His influence surpasses that of the gospel music industry. Carrington recently heard Chance the Rapper mention that her father had an influence on his life and music. She even shared a memory of a performance her father did when she was about 10 years old. English was not the native language of the audience, they needed an interpreter. When her father began to sing, the audience knew every word in English.

Because of the fame that Mr. Franklin’s music has brought him Carrington and her siblings have been afforded experiences that many dream of having. As expected, the level of fame he has reached and the amazing impact of his ministry worldwide comes with some ups and downs. For those who have been a fan of Mr. Franklin’s music for more than a decade you may recall an album titled The Nu Nation Project. The first track on the record is “Interlude: The Verdict.” When listening to the track, you can hear the criticism of the music that Mr. Franklin produced. While comical, this was truly art imitating life.  Has Mr. Franklin ever really been charged with “tearing down the walls of religion” or “making gospel music too secular”? No. But, Carrington shared that there have been occasions when time together has been disrupted by those who are excited fans and those who want to… let’s just say, share their disagreement on some things. In the age of social media people are not fearful of expressing their opinions through comments, statuses and tweets. Carrington says she “has learned to remain humble and personable when dealing with certain situations with people.”

Carrington has learned so much from how her father handles himself in all areas of his life. She has never had the desire to be a performer as her dad, despite the assumption of others that she wants to be a singer. The closest she has come to being a singer is singing on demos for her dad. However, she does aspire to become involved in the music industry as a writer.  What she admires the most about her father is his business savvy. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Carrington is a creative in her own right and as an entrepreneur, she has a graphics design company offering services from creating snapchat filters to designing logos and websites. She does merchandise for Anthony Evans Jr. and Priscilla Shirer while they are on tour. She recently did a little free hand word art on a chalkboard wall in her father’s office with words from a saying of his, “God is the writer. We are the pen. The world is the paper.” How dope is that?!

Instagram : Word Art by Carrington


Carrington admits that as a child she had moments where she wondered why her father had to be so honest about things and share so much about his personal life. As a young adult, she believes that people can connect with him and learn from his testimonies, including herself. “My dad’s transparency has helped me in a lot of ways. It’s taught me that in order to achieve any type of healing that you have to be completely honest,” said Carrington. Her father’s truthful approach in life has taught Carrington to be truthful in all things. She confessed that she is not the person to come to if you want the response sugar coated, she believes in lovingly telling the truth and applies that to every relationship from friendships to marriage.


In October of 2016 Carrington said I do to Maxx Nakwaasah. Carrington mentioned, “my husband, Maxx, actually mirrors my dad in more ways than I realized before marrying him.” She desired the characteristics of integrity, care and honesty in a spouse and she received that and more. She feels that her father’s personality helped to prepare her on how to interact with her husband.

via Instagram – Daddy/Daughter Dance
Photo Credit: Pharris Photos

Her father is someone she turns to for sound and godly advice. He offers her a safe place to be herself. He is one of her biggest cheerleaders. Her father is her friend. The emotion and energy of their friendship was displayed by them both on Carrington’s wedding day. It was truly a testament to the dynamic of their relationship. Carrington and her father wowed the world last fall when videos of their father/daughter dance from Carrington’s wedding reception went viral on social media. The dance was everything you could imagine from the creative duo. Carrington and her dad were originally planning a typical dance number until they realized people were anticipating something that would be different and exciting based on their relationship and personalities. They went back to the drawing board and in a matter of minutes they choreographed the dance. The next day the videos recorded by wedding guest were viral. While the world saw Kirk Franklin and his daughter doing the latest dance moves and enjoyed the moment for the excitement brought during those few days it was viral, for Carrington it was a moment within a day that she will remember for a lifetime. To her Kirk Franklin isn’t the famous living legend whom she idolizes and crazes over usies with him for likes, shares and comments. He is her role model, her friend and her father.

The Carter Link

Meet the Carters. Joel and Summer Carter met each other at the age of 16 and have been inseparable since. Joel has worked in the field of education for several years at William Frantz Elementary School and he was recently made head of the athletics department. For the historians, the name of the school may sound familiar to you. It’s the school that Ruby Bridges attended to desegregate. Summer, Joel’s wife, has a knack for creativity. Her background is in art and fashion. She creates oil paintings and fashion designs. Summer is also a stay at home mom caring for their two beautiful children.

The Carters are known on their social media accounts as The Carter Link. They have become a social media sensation in recent months, but they aren’t new to the scene.

Joel is the original entertainer in the family with a passion for rapping. He posted the first video showing the proposal he made to his then fiancé, now wife, over a year ago. Summer Carter was surprised with a proposal upon her arrival home after a long day of work. She came to the door only to find a trail of notes from the front door to her tablet telling her to check her Facebook. Once she finally sat down to check her account she saw the video that Joel created. At the end of video was an address for her to meet Joel. Summer recalls thinking she needed to be presentable and while getting herself together to be glammed for the occasion there was a knock at the door. Someone came by telling her they couldn’t let her go to her destination alone. When she turned around to head back to the room to get ready she saw a room filled with family, friends and most importantly, Joel. That video was the beginning of something amazing, and I’m not just talking about their marriage.

You can find several videos on their Facebook and YouTube accounts after the proposal. Those videos include scenes from their wedding ceremony and the most popular video, their anniversary celebration. The anniversary video was the premier of the entire family coming into the act and having lyrics to perform as well. Even their daughter choreographs her own dance moves.

Joel and Summer don’t take for granted the platform that God is blessing them with through their social media account for The Carter Link. They have received feedback from so many who can relate to their story and find encouragement from their social media posts. They see it as a ministry and they want all the glory to go to God.

BreeAnn Hammond: Life with a Legend (Fred Hammond)


Just as history was about to be made at Fountain of Praise church in Houston, TX I was privileged to interview the eldest child of gospel legend, Fred Hammond. While being backstage prior to a live recording or concert is based on granted access passes for most, it’s all too familiar for BreeAnn Hammond.

There were people scrambling everywhere making sure everything was just perfect for the live recording that was about to take place and in the midst of all of the action here I was sitting across the table from FRED HAMMOND’S DAUGHTER. I’m sure that many of you, as myself, wonder what it would be like to have parents who are famous. I would want the hook up to every tour and be in on studio recordings.

Well, that’s not technically the life that BreeAnn experienced and thankfully she was willing to share her story.

Left to right: Editor Sharonda Cawthon, Fred Hammond, BreeAnn Hammond and Pastor Remus Wright


Fred Hammond’s My Dad

BreeAnn recalls actually realizing what her father did when she was about five or six years old. To her recollection this was just around the time that Commissioned was very popular. There were occasions when BreeAnn and her mom traveled with her father, but not on a regular basis. To this day, as she travels with her father, she says that people tell her they remember her running around in her dresses when she was a little girl. I had to laugh because shortly after she mentioned this in the interview I literally witnessed someone saying this to her. But, as a young girl she learned that it was going to pretty much be she and her mother at home as she witnessed her father constantly leaving to travel. When she wasn’t able to go along with him, her father would bring back gifts or keepsakes and still does today. (How sweet!)

As any child, she would share with other children that her daddy sings. As she aged, wisdom kicked in and it became more of a need to know basis to protect herself from those who befriended her just because Fred Hammond is her dad.

When generally describing her childhood BreeAnn stated, “my childhood was pretty amazing.” The early years were not as fruitful as the present years. The fame was new. BreeAnn can remember as the financial status of her parent’s changed they were able to move from neighborhood to neighborhood. People have made assumptions about her life because of who her father is but she has an understanding that God has just been good to them over the years. She has counted living in a total of ten or eleven locations. She understands what it takes to live with nothing and appreciates the luxuries that her father’s career has afforded her to have.

breeann and mom oldie
BreeAnn Hammond and her mother, Kimberly. Photo courtesy of BreeAnn


Because Mr. Hammond’s career was taking off just as BreeAnn was a young child she was groomed in the environment of a little luxury. “I had grown accustom to studio life and getting on planes. It was definitely exciting because not a lot of my friends were able to have the same experience. Their parents had professions that required them to stay local and at home,” said BreeAnn.

It’s not always glamorous having someone such as Fred Hammond as your father. BreeAnn recalls her twenty-first or twenty-second birthday being a bit un-enjoyable. Her family got together for an evening of fun at Dave & Busters to celebrate. Well, for most families this wouldn’t be much of an issue. In and out without any problem. Well, BreeAnn thought it wouldn’t be too bad. It wasn’t like her dad was on a mainstream platform such as Sean Combs or Beyoncé. Normally people would look as though they recognized her father as Fred Hammond, but would not approach him. Well, this night she was wrong. She recalls people coming up all night asking for autographs and pictures, even while they were sitting at the table with her birthday cake on the table, candles lit and all. As you might have felt as well, she was ready to leave.

BreeAnn has learned that the kindness her father demonstrates as he meets fans who have followed him over the years is truly an example to her of how she should interact with others as she is working to make her imprint in the world of gospel music.

breeann and dad oldie
A young Fred Hammond and BreeAnn Hammond. Photo courtesy of BreeAnn

The Divorce

You may recall over a decade ago the news that Fred Hammond and his wife had divorced and for a teenage girl who knew them as father and mother it was earth shattering. BreeAnn described it as rocking her world.

At first BreeAnn was accepting of the divorce because she was focusing on the benefit of having two separate locations to live. In her mind, if she was upset with her mom it would be cool because she could just go to her dads and vice versa. But, then reality sank in. She began to be angry. She blamed her father for the marriage ending. As a teenager she was under the impression that her mother wanted to stay in the marriage and her father was the one to “pull the trigger on the divorce.”

When asked if the divorce put a strain on her relationship with her father she responded saying, “The strain came as a result of me and my brother primarily living with my mother. To go from living in the same household as one family unit to living in a single parent home and only seeing my dad sparingly was THE strain on the relationship. My dad also relocated to Texas and the distance made it where we only saw each other if someone traveled.”

BreeAnn and her brother lived with their mother in Detroit as she transitioned from being a stay at home mom and involved with the family business to having to manage on her own and join the workforce again. In a declining economy things were difficult and for a while BreeAnn recalls that she blamed her dad for her mother’s struggles. “I changed and started to realize that every individual is responsible for his or her own actions. I believe that if I am struggling, I need to work harder. If I am met with opposition, I need to fight harder for what I want. I started applying that principle to everyone. I was able to resolve that both my mom and dad affected each other’s lives but they were ultimately in control of their own individual lives.”

Several years after the divorce and conversations with both of her parents helped BreeAnn to realize everyone (including herself) on the outside looking into her parent’s marriage would never have a full understanding of how or why the marriage ended in divorce. She stated, “There are three sides to every story, his, hers and then Gods.”

After experiencing married life, herself, BreeAnn feels pretty silly that she had such strong opinions. Now that she has her own personal experience with marriage she says, “It’s no joke!” From her conversations with her parents she has learned from both of them that they are “imperfect human beings who are trying to live right. Nobody is perfect and my parents are able to fall short sometimes just like I can.”


My Dad, the Boss

In case you didn’t know, BreeAnn sings background for her father. That’s right! She gets to sing with Fred Hammond! She began singing with her father at the age of 16, on occasion. Due to school schedules she wasn’t always able to travel with him but after completing college several years ago she is able to work with him more.

breeann and dad oldie 2
Fred Hammond and BreeAnn Hammond photo courtesy of BreeAnn.

You might recall the vocals of a female on the hit, I Will Trust. Well, that’s BreeAnn. She not only sings with him but they have written songs together as well.

Not too many family members can work together, but BreeAnn has found that things go pretty well. She definitely wants to make her father proud and realizes that people are watching to see if her sound will be a good follow up to the legacy that her father has laid.

If you attended the Festival of Praise tour in 2014 you may have witnessed BreeAnn singing a single, He Is. This is an example of the type of songs they have created together. The song isn’t available for purchase or download yet but if you give her name a google search you will find YouTube videos.

During the recording Mr. Hammond stated that it would be the end of one phase of his career and the beginning of new ventures announcing that he is putting the mic halfway down, not all the way down, and making room for the next generation. In response BreeAnn said, “I really don’t know how to feel about his announcement. I guess I have mixed emotions because the thought of him putting the mic down is a very foreign concept for me. He’s had “the mic” for longer than I’ve been alive. I do think it’s admirable, however, for him to make room for up and coming artists like myself. Truthfully, I don’t think he’ll ever totally put the mic down though. There are so many legends who continue doing what they love all the way until they transition out of this life. My dad’s career has been part of him for most his life…it’s in his veins and I would be completely shocked if he stopped all together.”

BreeAnn has been working with her father developing a project to make her mark, as time allows. She isn’t on social media as much as her dad, but she dibbles and dabbles a bit. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

She hopes to eventually be in full time ministry in several years. She is definitely someone that you want to keep an eye and ear out for the future.

Fred Hammond and BreeAnn Hammond posing together after the live recording in Houston.

Encouraging Words

BreeAnn has had ups and downs in her relationship with her father and still today, they are both actively working on healing the relationship and moving forward. When asked what she has to say to encourage those who have shaky relationships or no relationship with fathers she stated that for her, she had to just love him and be determined not to just cast him to the side. There were times that she felt as though she was reaching out more than he at one point.  to the last few years of the relationship changing. She encourages you that if you still want to be your dad’s princess to reach out and remember with love and kindness that you can draw even if you don’t get it back, still give it. If your father is completely unavailable, God will make provision.


Briana Babineaux: Praise to Purpose

The 21 year old pastor’s daughter, Briana ‘Bri’ Babineaux, is known for her hit single I’ll Be the One. She has taken social media by storm with her anointed voice since being recognized on a YouTube video pouring her heart out to God while singing a rendition of Tonex’s Make Me Over. Since that video her life has just been a whirlwind of events. She was signed to Marquis Boone Enterprises in April 2015 and recently to the label Tyscot.

This powerhouse is truly a kind young woman and she gives all glory to God for the season she is experiencing in life from the fame on social media to the soon to be release of her debut album, “Keys to My Heart.”

-So the Story Goes-

If you grew up in church you may know what it’s like to participate by singing, doing speeches, etc. Some people love it and others not so much. Well, 21 year old p.k. (pastor’s kid) Briana ‘Bri’ Babineaux was the latter. Surprised?!

Things changed for Briana at the end of 2014 when she was attending a worship session with friends in a home setting shortly after returning home from a conference. It was that evening that her life changed in more ways than one.

While Briana was pouring her heart out to God singing a rendition of Tonex’s Make Me Over she began to release all of the emotional hurt she had been experiencing lately due to situations that were going on in her life, she was at a low point. From that evening singing was no longer something she was just gifted to do but the way she expressed her inner most prayers to God. She recalls being able to let go without a care of who was around.

Little did she know, while she was crying out to God through song a friend of hers was recording her and the video went viral on the internet. This video and others of Briana singing were brought to the attention of Marquis Boone, CEO of Boone Enterprises. The college athlete studying Criminal Justice then became a recording artist with a strong following known as Brination.

-Growing Up Bri-

Briana attributes her foundation for a relationship with God to her grandparents. “I guess most people would say my parents being that my dad is a pastor. For me it’s my grandparents. I would wake up to my grandma praying and my grandfather praying,” said Briana. She can recall them singing and praying as they listened to gospel greats such as Mighty Clouds of Joy. Living with her grandparents and being around them they would carry Briana to church with them and lived the life in front of her daily.

At a young age Briana was assigned as leader of praise and worship at her father’s church in Louisiana. When discussing the differences before her life changing moment in winter of 2014 and after she stated, “I had to make sure that I got people engaged in the worship service. I make sure that during the worship service that God is able to meet them and fulfill their needs whereas before I would get up and do my routine and go sit down.”

Briana feels a need to serve the people through her gift of singing. God has blessed her to discern the needs of the people and her prayer when she ministers is that God’s presence comes in the room and moves in the lives of the listeners the same way he moved in her life on the evening she bellowed her prayer to him in 2014.

-The Impact-

The magnitude of the impact she has from sharing on social media is still surprising to Briana. She is known as the social media sweetheart. Even with sharing videos of herself singing she is simply wanting to share moments of her life with those who follow her. She reads the comments that people leave and thanks God that he is able to use her to encourage others. One of her most recent videos that has become viral is the video she shared singing As Long As There’s You written by Donnie McClurkin (The McClurkin Project) at home with her family for New Years Eve 2015 leading into 2016. The video has had over 3.5 million views and nearly 100,000 shares on Facebook alone.

Life has changed in just a short amount of time for Briana. She had to take a break from her college career as she was adjusting to opening her schedule for events and services to sing and her EP has been a hit with single I’ll Be the One topping the charts. Soon she will be returning back to the classroom to complete her studies as she is a senior in college, but has given up her spot as a student athlete on the track team.

Briana is looking forward to the release of her debut album, “Keys to my Heart”, scheduled to drop on March 25th and available for pre-order on January 29th. She can’t wait for fans to hear the entire album. Sha Simpson, Briana’s vocal coach, is the one person who will be collaborating on this album doing the prelude titled I’m Desperate leading into a song written by Briana titled Jacob’s Song.

-Words to Inspire-

Briana’s message to you the readers is not to worry about what your friends or peers may think because of being different and set apart. Even she has to deal with this issue. A phrase that Briana has been holding close to heart is “Be bold for Christ even if it comprises relationships with others our lives aren’t found off it they’re found in Christ. True faith is doing what no else is doing and traveling the road no else traveled.”