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    Brushes Anyone???

    Hello Lovelies!! We’ve talked about quite a bit when it comes to makeup and how to apply it, but we haven’t addressed what we use to apply our makeup. Let’s be honest, some tools that we use are based on our personal preference and some tools we may use because we are not sure what to use. Just like there are a plethora of makeup brands available to us, there are also a plethora of makeup brushes available to us. I’m going to cover a few different things about brushes and sponges. Just like makeup, there are very expensive brushes, some not so expensive brushes and some brushes that are…

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    Glow On Baby!!!

    Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! Let’s talk! Can we say il-lu-mi-nate!  Yes, we can! (in my best Sherman Klump voice). It’s that icy, blue, rose gold, golden, bronze, copper hue just to name a few that we adorn out cheek bones, foreheads, chins, noses, inner tear duct and upper lips with. Some of us have also began to mix our loose powder illuminators in body lotions and in setting sprays to bronze our bodies (if you haven’t done that yet, you can and you should). It’s a money saving tip to avoid purchasing expensive illuminating body products unless you choose to. Illuminating products can also be purchased in liquid oil and stick…

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    BE_you_T_Ful Brows

    Let’s say a little prayer before we get started. Why!? Because this subject is a sensitive one. What I will share with you is a very much needed aspect of our beauty regimen, yet it is often discounted as a cheap trick. When it’s not overlooked, let’s say, uuhhmm (clears throat) it can be handled with much disrespect and lack of care. What in the world are you talking about, you might ask? The Infamous Eyebrow!!! (dun dun dun).

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    Aly Jae

    Aly developed a love for makeup at a young age, five years old. She began working for Clinique as a counter manager in 2008 and learned the basics of applying makeup and skin care. It wasn’t until she was coaching students for competitive speaking that she thought about becoming a beauty influencer. The students encouraged her to share her tips through YouTube. She didn’t jump right in after her students suggested this grand idea, she prayed. She wanted to pursue a career in education (teaching) but was blessed to follow her passion of beauty after much prayer and thought. She has learned that self-employment can be challenging, discouraging at times.