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    Fredericks On Stage

    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Melissa Fredericks are better known on social media as KevOnStage and MrsKevOnStage.  They moved their young family to Los Angeles, California in the latter part of 2013 and since that time their lives have taken off on the course they hoped it would. While Kevin still participates as a PlayMaker his popularity as an individual has grown tremendously. Kevin is well known as a social media comedic personality and his family has been brought on the scene as well. His beautifully spirited wife, Melissa, and two sons Isaiah and Josiah, known as Zay Zay and JoJo, have taken social media by storm.  You have probably…

  • God's Plan Woman Power

    Aly Jae

    Aly developed a love for makeup at a young age, five years old. She began working for Clinique as a counter manager in 2008 and learned the basics of applying makeup and skin care. It wasn’t until she was coaching students for competitive speaking that she thought about becoming a beauty influencer. The students encouraged her to share her tips through YouTube. She didn’t jump right in after her students suggested this grand idea, she prayed. She wanted to pursue a career in education (teaching) but was blessed to follow her passion of beauty after much prayer and thought. She has learned that self-employment can be challenging, discouraging at times.