The Carter Link

Meet the Carters. Joel and Summer Carter met each other at the age of 16 and have been inseparable since. Joel has worked in the field of education for several years at William Frantz Elementary School and he was recently made head of the athletics department. For the historians, the name of the school may sound familiar to you. It’s the school that Ruby Bridges attended to desegregate. Summer, Joel’s wife, has a knack for creativity. Her background is in art and fashion. She creates oil paintings and fashion designs. Summer is also a stay at home mom caring for their two beautiful children.

The Carters are known on their social media accounts as The Carter Link. They have become a social media sensation in recent months, but they aren’t new to the scene.

Joel is the original entertainer in the family with a passion for rapping. He posted the first video showing the proposal he made to his then fiancé, now wife, over a year ago. Summer Carter was surprised with a proposal upon her arrival home after a long day of work. She came to the door only to find a trail of notes from the front door to her tablet telling her to check her Facebook. Once she finally sat down to check her account she saw the video that Joel created. At the end of video was an address for her to meet Joel. Summer recalls thinking she needed to be presentable and while getting herself together to be glammed for the occasion there was a knock at the door. Someone came by telling her they couldn’t let her go to her destination alone. When she turned around to head back to the room to get ready she saw a room filled with family, friends and most importantly, Joel. That video was the beginning of something amazing, and I’m not just talking about their marriage.

You can find several videos on their Facebook and YouTube accounts after the proposal. Those videos include scenes from their wedding ceremony and the most popular video, their anniversary celebration. The anniversary video was the premier of the entire family coming into the act and having lyrics to perform as well. Even their daughter choreographs her own dance moves.

Joel and Summer don’t take for granted the platform that God is blessing them with through their social media account for The Carter Link. They have received feedback from so many who can relate to their story and find encouragement from their social media posts. They see it as a ministry and they want all the glory to go to God.

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