Tyree Elaine

Tyree Elaine became popular to many through social media with her video “Women Over 40 Be Like,” which was a joke. She and a friend have mothers who are around the same age and they were making fun of the things their moms often said.
She actually came on the scene prior to that particular video becoming popular. Tyree was in the field of education and found herself going to a job that she did not enjoy but it was difficult to let go of a steady income and familiarity. “It’s kind of weird to say that all you know how to do is get up and be miserable for eight hours and come home,” said Tyree. She has been separated from her job for two years now.

In moments when she needs inspiration she listens to: “Hold On” by Tye Tribbett & G.A.

Tyree did experience hard times after quitting her job and questioned why God would lead her to leave her job and not allow for her new found career to take off like she thought it should. Tyree said, “I was expecting God to give me a syllabus or a schedule and God was like, it doesn’t work like that.” She learned that she had to trust God and not rely on resources. There were times when she had a bill due and God blessed her with a show the day before the bill was due.
She recalls listening to a lot of Joyce Meyers and Bishop T.D. Jakes on podcast and television. A particular message of Joyce Meyers’ encouraged Tyree without her realizing it then. She recalls listening to Joyce Meyers share her testimony of how she left her full time position to go into ministry full time and learned that less work required more faith.

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Tyree has learned that God will do his part on taking care of you if you trust him. Her encouragement to others who may be thinking about taking the road to entrepreneurship used to be to set aside a certain amount of money and make a plan but she learned from experience as well as observation that money has a way of running out and plans don’t always happen in the timeline that we create for ourselves. “There is something in you that you are supposed to do and you have to figure it out. Take a leave of absence and ask God to reveal it to you,” says Tyree.  She believes that when God is with you there will be bad days, but if you follow his direction he will take care of you. She says, “ Once you know your purpose, there’s no turning back.”
Tyree’s popularity grew tremendously with the first video she posted for women over 40 and she couldn’t help but take off with that and create more videos as some were even requested, but being in comedy for eight years now she eventually would like to take her ideas from standup and videos and take them to the screen for a sitcom.

Cool Facts About Tyree Elaine 

  •  She was on season 8 of Last Comic Standing
  •  She realized her popularity was growing when she had 1 milliion views within days for a video.
  •  She is working on a pilot for a sitcom

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