Waterproof Goes Poof

Welcome Back Beauties! Let’s just jump right in! As promised, I said I would come back with a full review of Mac Prolong Wear Foundation and Concealer. Welp, here it goes! I put my MAC products to the test utilizing MAC Prep + Prime and MAC Fix + as the base and setting spray. I put my products to the test in the good ‘ole Southern Illinois heat. This particular evening, the temperature was right at about 100 degrees and the humidity was just, DISRESPECTFUL. I must say, I waited until the very last minute to apply a very neutral full face of makeup because I knew I was taking a chance. I looked very good in the car on my 25-minute drive to my destination, snapped a couple of selfies. Everything was great!

Stepped out of my car and the drama began! I felt the perspiration beading up on my face, I desperately attempted to fan my face as I stood outside in the shade, but blistering heat, nonetheless. One gentleman asked me if I needed a napkin, I politely declined (mind you, I hadn’t seen my face yet). I had had a conversation with a young lady that was holding a camera, etc. SHE DID NOT SAY A WORD (insert angry face, aren’t we supposed to help each other out!?) I felt the beadlets rolling, but I tried to remain optimistic, praying that my face wasn’t melting, but clearly….clearly, it was. Lights, camera, action, my face was plastered across the jumbotron as I sang. I also didn’t have my phone to check my face or to capture the damage. One hour of sweating for 2 minutes of a song and COMPLETE HUMILIATION! I immediately exited stage right, to the restroom, to get a look at my face. Screaming. Hollering, Melted Chocolate! I mean, turn the hot blow dryer on a chocolate candy bunny and let it burn, baby.

With that being said, it was horrible. So, I vigorously blotted. Waterproof!?….#issajoke in my young voice. I’m not going to completely slam the product though. In my opinion, it is effective as long as the temperature is not above the mid 80’s and the humidity is not extremely high. After I blotted my face, there was still remnants of my makeup on my face`. The company could work on increasing the shade range, which anyone who is extremely fair or deep in tone can attest to with beauty products in general. This product is still about a 3 on a scale of 1-5 in my book. I will wear this product again, because I paid for it. I also like the coverage and the matte finish. BUT, this is exactly why I typically do not wear any makeup during the summer months.

Moving right along! Let’s talk eyes and eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is important. Just as important as eyebrows. We’ve seen it applied in the most simplistic and beautiful ways and in the most creative, artistic formats. Truth be told, we’ve also seen it look a mess! I am, personally, a fan of both simplistic and artistic forms of eyeshadow. Before we talk about creativity or lack thereof, we need to talk about making your eyeshadow last and how to make them pop. (sidebar) Eyeshadow should be applied to your eyes based on your specific eye shape and the amount of eyelid space you have. It takes a very skilled hand to apply certain looks to eyelids that can be challenging, ie., hooded lids and/or monolids.

Have you ever heard of, seen, or used eyelid primer? Well, it’s your best friend! Eyelid primer adds longevity, life and vibrancy to your eyeshadow. Eyelid primer can be purchased at any beauty supply, Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Ulta or Sephora, online too. Eyelid primer can be affordable or quite expensive. Ranging from a couple of dollars, up to high double digits for higher end brands. Some people even use concealer as eyelid primer. Whichever base you choose to prime your eyelids, you must set your base with a neutral shade setting powder/ or a translucent setting powder, then proceed with your eyeshadow application.
Eyelid primers that I have personal experience with that I prefer are: E.L.F. Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer, Sally Girl Eyelid Primer (Sally’s Beauty Supply). L.A. Girl Pro Conceal, Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot and Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.
What happens if I don’t use eyelid primer?

Have you ever applied your eyeshadow and wondered why you had what appeared to be a beautiful color in the pan? Or you’ve applied your shadow and it did not apply evenly or smoothly? Better yet, have you applied your shadow and after a few hours, it is oily and creased? How about, you applied your eyeshadow and it is barely visible? That is the direct result of zero eyelid primer. It is a must if you want to keep your eye look fresh. Give it a try! You will thank me later.
In my next submission, we will build on how to create a good base color when applying bright colored shadows. Until next time!