Your Time, Your Season

Sis, it’s your year! Yes, YOU! And I’m not talking about the typical “girl it’s your year” simply because it’s a new year. This isn’t just a declaration but a promise to the women of God! I know we often hear women go by the dated, yet relevant theme song, “Run the World,” and there’s no doubt that girls do run the world, but I give credit to Proverbs 31 for setting the tone first. This woman is the epitome of strength, faithfulness, wisdom, passion, business savviness, ambition, worth, value and so much more. She’s bold, fearless, her hands are created as unto the Lord, and she’s here to take over 2018!

God keeps sending me soft whispers that something is quite special about 2018. It’s the year where dormant thoughts and plans for businesses, books, career moves, and innovative ideas awaken. A year where our gifts and talents make room for us, and our confidence and faith exist in the One who put them in our hearts in the first place. A year where we build a door for every “no” that we hear, simply because our spirit says “yes”– a “yes” that’s so robust and loud in our ears that we can’t ignore it. Fear, insecurity, bad relationships, unbalanced lives, toxic emotions, lack of education or resources, no longer serve as a fiery dart. But they serve as past hindrances that we’ve broken free from. We’ve shifted into a season where our voices are heard even when we’re in the back of a room, causing the crowd to separate just to see who “she” is. No more reminiscing on how things used to be, or how much time we’ve wasted, or who we were in our past life, or any other distraction. The grass is green and it’s time to spring forward!

How ironic…we live in the world where gender inequality still exists, especially concerning our career moves, our lovely chosen leader fits the profile of a sexist, and the presence of sexism is so pervasive that it has spearheaded us into a times up movement–a fight for women’s worth and equality. Yet, in the Spirit, God is saying. “this is the year when my daughters will know their worth in me, they will speak, and I will cause them to lead like never before as mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, preachers, authors, and pioneers.” And we will do so with boldness and with a posture that reflects our certainty and identity in God.

How empowering and promising it is to know that God is doing a new thing! And this new thing is not concerning who we are or where He’s taking us in our purpose. But it’s more so a new thing concerning our hearts and minds–aligning it with what has already been predestined for us. So, as you leap into this newness…into your blooming season of Spring, take these best practices with you.

Stay Connected to the Source. All of who we are belongs to Christ. Allow Him to always be your source. Talk to Him through prayer, read His Word, fast, and enjoy moments of silence with Him so you can hear Him clearly. He’s talking and shifting things on your behalf as you walk into your divine purpose. Seek Him first and He’s got you. Check out Matthew 6:33!

Be confident. Yes, our confidence is in God, and after that, you must have confidence in what He’s given you. If He’s given you the idea or opportunity, He will provide the plan, resources, time, and money. There is also a part that we must play, so be a willing vessel and move in faith. Know that in Him, you will finish. Oh, and never mistake conceit or vanity for confidence. Stay humble. Check out Philippians 1:6!

Recognize distractions. We all have them, and they come in various forms: people, relationships, 9 to 5’s, discouragement, depression, laziness, pride, life trials, etc. Whatever it is, it’s nothing under the sun that God didn’t calculate when He formed you in the womb. Ask God to show you what is keeping you from being available for your purpose, and then ask Him to show you how to remove them. Check out 1 Corinthians 10:13!

Stay connected. Iron sharpens iron! Having a strong Godly circle that is so necessary in this season…in every season. Keep sisters in your life who speak life, live holy, can pray with you or for you, hold you accountable, motivate you, love you heartily, and can see the vision even when it seems too big. Check out Proverbs 27:17!

Spring forth! You prayed for “it”, dreamt about it, talked about it, and even written it down. And even though sometimes it may not come in the package you expected, it’s still greatness wrapped up specifically for you. Don’t stall. Let go of the old and spring into what you’ve been called to do. Check out Isaiah 43:19!

There’s no denying that we’re on this journey together! So, let’s take all that God has given us and kill this season…with Him!

Your Sis,