6 Signs That You Need to Check Your Motives for Going to Church

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#6. You intentionally come to church late and leave early, avoiding all person-to-person interaction. You just want to know that you ATTENDED church.

#5. You picked the church you attend based on community prestige instead of being led by God to a ministry that will help you/your family grow spiritually. You reference the church by the pastor or praise team leader’s name, you barely even remember the name of the church, let alone the physical address.

#4. You keep a tight circle among the “church elite” that everyone else sees as a clique. You may be cordial to others but keep them at an arms distance. You don’t sit with anyone else; you don’t volunteer unless this group is a part of the event, and you don’t socialize outside of church with anyone but this core group.

#3. You’re a heavy giver with financial contributions, but you want everyone to know that you are the one who gave and the amount that was given. You believe that because of the amount of money you give in tithes, offerings and special donations that you are owed a high level of respect and your opinion of how the church should operate should be sought and adhered to.

#2. You come to church for a good shout bump/Baptist fit and an encouraging word that you can do all things through Christ. But when opportunities to participate in small groups, prayer meetings and corporate fasts are promoted you think the church is doing too much and doesn’t want you to have a life.

#1. You come to church because it “feels good” to be there and helps you to feel better for the week. You don’t think you need to make any changes in your life based on bible scriptures because it doesn’t take all of that. Jesus loves you just as you are, and you have the belief that what really is transformation through relationship with God is being extra religious.

All jokes and criticisms aside you all, let’s check our motives. What are our intentions when we walk into the house of God? Are we there for social hour? Is it just an activity to check off our weekly schedule? It should be the place where we can gather in community with others that believe in the powerful, miracle working, providing, loving, forgiving and at times chastising God. Church should be the place where testimonies are shared, accountability is provided, and the love of God overshadows any short comings and differences between us. Most importantly, it should be the place that propels us to go out into the world and be a light in the darkness while spreading the gospel of Jesus.

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