God Grants Unknown Desires

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   When I was younger, and Father’s Day rolled around I would try to think of the best ways to celebrate my dad and get gifts that he would love. As an adult, my dad encourages me to shower my hubby with love and celebrate the father that he is to our children. It gets a little challenging year after year to think of something that will wow my Eddie Bear (my nick name for Corey). But this year I thought… why not share with all of you what I love most about him and how God has used him to lead our little family.

   When I prayed for qualities in a husband, I was selfish.  I prayed for qualities that would benefit me. I actually had a list. Some of the things on my list were for him to be funny because I love to laugh, have a good job because I like to shop, be handsome because let’s face it…it starts with attraction, and love God…no explanation needed. I never thought about the qualities that would be beneficial to my children. I didn’t have children before I was married, so you can probably understand why those qualities were far from my mind.

   I’m not one to brag, but you have to know that God showed out when He allowed for Corey and I to come together as husband and wife. Seeing how Corey loves his children, that by far has been a gift. He lost his father at the age of 15 and one of biggest rules he lives by is to always say and show how much he loves everyone. I have been able to see how that void of a relationship has brought out amazing characteristics in his role as a husband and father.  He loves hard and gives his best always. 

   Loving my husband has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I know, I know…most women start that sentence with loving their children or even loving themselves. You see, I have love and joy for my children and for myself. But loving my husband has challenged me and changed me. He is truly an extension of God’s love in human form. He’s extremely silly and amazingly kind. He forgives easily and shows love when I would much rather show outward expression of anger and pettiness. God has used his actions to teach me how I need to grant more grace for myself and for others. God blessed our family with qualities in Corey that my heart didn’t know to pray for when I was younger. I will forever be grateful for him being the man God put in my life and more importantly, in the lives of our children.

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