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About Sharonda Cawthon

Hi there! I’m Sharonda and welcome to my little world. I was born and raised in the city of Chicago. While I’m a city girl at heart, I am living in a small college town in Carbondale, Illinois with my amazing husband Corey and our children.

After founding and running a digital magazine for several years I took a bit of a much needed break. I do manage a christian apparel product line that was created through the magazine, Nouveau Exposure. However, the magazine is no longer in production. There is a saying, “What’s in you will come out of you.” Writing is IN ME! The break was needed but I wanted an outlet to share my thoughts and experiences as well as the experiences of others. 

I eventually decided to get back to my passion for writing and sharing. I created this website. Here you will find blogs from the highs and lows of my journey (life) and get peeks into the journey of others as I share interviews with people from various walks of life. You will also have opportunities to get a little merch. 

My goal is transparency. What can I say?! I have an opinion on just about EVERYTHING! I hope you enjoy, read, comment and subscribe.