About Nouveau Exposure

Nouveau (pronounced New-VO)  Exposure (translation: new exposure) began as a digital magazine in September 2015, produced by our founder and CEO Sharonda Cawthon. Selling apparel began to keep the cost of magazine subscription free to readers.  After nearly 4 years of successful bi-monthly digital issues being released, the magazine transitioned to a personal blog where Sharonda occasionally shares her thoughts and prayers with subscribers.
The t-shirts were no longer being sold, but after requests for shirts and Sharonda personally witnessing how the tees can be a conversation starter for her and other customers to share their testimony, we are continuing to offer our line of shirts as a tool for everyone to share their testimony.

Sharonda is on the shy side and finds it challenging to start conversations with people that she doesn't know on a personal level. Because she believes it is important for everyone to be presented with the opportunity to share their testimony and give God glory for transformations and victories that have happened, NE Apparel exists.

Perhaps you may be like her and don't really know when or how to start the conversation. We have the perfect shirts that spark a great conversation! Check out our full collection of #NEApparel to shop our t-shirt, sweatshirt and hoodie options. Grab something for yourself and a gift to encourage someone else.